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We, at Centurion Defence Academy, make you well prepared and organized for each and every stage that is there in the SSB selection process. Profound SSB Panel comprising of ex-officers in Indian Armed Forces having rich experience and specialization as Psychologist, GTO (Group Task Officer) and Interviewing Officer. There are soft skills and life skills sessions to make a student his SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Under India’s elite SSB Panel CDA caters frequently and significantly throughout complete duration of batches. Free of cost guidance, regular and free SSB training under SSB Experts is one of the renowned usp of Centurion Defence Academy that help to maintain its result every year.

Centurion Defence Academy elite SSB Panel includes:-

Sir Shishir Dixit - Founder-Director & Chief SSB Mentor Lucknow & Dehradun Center

Sir Shishir Dixit is the Founder-Director and Chief SSB Mentor (Psychology) at Centurion Defence Academy. He specializes in clinical psychology, behavioral therapy, mentorship, and individual profile mapping, as well as career counseling and guidance. Besides being a distinguished psychology mentor, Sir Shishir Dixit is a columnist and motivational speaker who has set a milestone in the selection of defence aspirants into the officer cadre of the Indian Armed Forces through his individual guidance and personalized training. His strategic foresight and strong leadership make Centurion Defence Academy stand out as the best defence coaching institute in India, producing the highest number of officers every year. Sir Shishir Dixit strives to instil in his students the principles of servant leadership, such as empathy, humility, integrity, and social adaptability. He nurtures defence aspirants with the traits of discipline, integrity, commitment, and selfless service to the nation. Read More About Sir Shishir Dixit

Maj Gen A.K. Chaturvedi (Retd.) AVSM, VSM - Trained IO (DIPR), Senior Interviewing Officer Lucknow Center

Major General A.K. Chaturvedi (Retd.), AVSM, VSM, is a distinguished veteran of the Indian Army, whose career commenced as a Second Lieutenant and culminated as a Major General. Commissioned in the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers (Bengal Sappers) in December 1974, he retired in July 2012. Across his commendable career, spanning from Second Lieutenant to Major General, he oversaw crucial infrastructural development and personnel management in the Military Engineer Services. Trained as an Interviewing Officer at the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) under the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Major General A.K. Chaturvedi is currently associated with Centurion Defence Academy as a Senior IO. His role involves guiding young aspirants to fulfil their dreams of joining the Defence Services and serving in the esteemed Officer Cadre

Maj Gen Shammi Sabharwal (Retd.) - SSB Mentor and Senior Interviewing Officer, Dehradun Center

Maj Gen Shammi Sabharwal (Retd.), an alumnus of RIMC Dehradun and the National Defence Academy Khadakwasla, dedicated 38 illustrious years of service to the Indian Army. Commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery in December 1981, he held a diverse array of influential roles, showcasing his exceptional leadership and expertise. With two instructional appointments at the School of Artillery, Devlali, and a significant stint as a military observer with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Rwanda, Africa, Maj Gen Sabharwal’s experience spanned varied terrains. He later served as the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Uttarakhand Sub Area in Dehradun. His subsequent role as Additional Director General NCC (Bihar & Jharkhand) underscored his commitment to shaping young minds. Beyond his military achievements, Maj Gen Sabharwal is an avid reader and an advocate for physical fitness. Presently, his expertise contributes significantly as an Interviewing Officer at Centurion Defence Academy, reflecting his ongoing dedication to mentorship and national defence.

Brigadier R.P. Singh (Retd.) - Interviewing Officer, SSB Mentor Lucknow Center

Brigadier R.P. Singh (Retd.) is an esteemed member of the elite SSB Interview Panel at Centurion Defence Academy. With extensive experience as an Interviewing Officer (I.O.) at 11 SSB Allahabad, Brigadier R.P. Singh has assessed thousands of candidates. His illustrious career is marked by ground-level expertise as an Infantryman. Additionally, he served as an Instructor at Infantry School, Mhow, and as the commandant of Rajputana Rifles and CAT-B Training Establishment. His wealth of knowledge and expertise enriches our SSB team, providing invaluable insights and guidance to candidates aspiring to join the armed forces and contributing significantly to the selection process. Brigadier R.P. Singh currently holds the position of an Interviewing Officer (IO) at Centurion Defence Academy. His role involves meticulous assessment and evaluation of candidates aspiring to join the armed forces.

Col R.K. Sharma (Retd.) - GTO Lucknow Center, Ex GTO-Bhopal & Kapurthala

Colonel Rajesh Kumar Sharma (Retd.) is a distinguished defence professional with an extensive career spanning over three decades. An alumnus of the IMA Dehradun, he commenced his journey with the Regiment of Artillery in June 1986. Colonel R.K. Sharma holds a distinctive role as a former Ground Testing Officer (GTO) at Bhopal and Kapurthala SSBs, enriching his role in guiding defence aspirants at the Centurion Defence Academy in Lucknow. His invaluable experience has honed his expertise in guiding and mentoring defence aspirants through the intricate facets of individual and group obstacles, thereby enriching their understanding of GTO tasks. Presently settled in Lucknow, Colonel Sharma remains deeply committed to his role at the Centurion Defence Academy, where his dedication and profound insights as a GTO continue to inspire and shape the aspiring candidates seeking to join the defence forces.

Col Pramod Kumar (Retd.) - GTO Lucknow Center, Ex-GTO, 22 SSB Bhopal

Colonel Pramod Kumar (Retd.) is a distinguished veteran with a robust background as an ex-Ground Testing Officer (GTO) at 22 SSB Bhopal, having received specialized training from the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR). His extensive tenure at 22 SSB Bhopal equipped him with an acute understanding of assessing and nurturing the qualities essential for defence personnel. With a focus on guiding, motivating, and elucidating group dynamics, Colonel Pramod Kumar is adept at instilling a comprehensive understanding, aiding defence aspirants in honing their skills and mindset for successful entry into the defence services. His commitment to excellence at the Centurion Defence Academy continues to play a pivotal role in shaping and mentoring aspiring candidates, ensuring they possess the requisite attributes to excel in their endeavours within the armed forces.

Gp Capt A Basu (Retd.) - SSB Mentor and Interviewing Officer Dehradun Centre

Group Captain A Basu (Retd.), began his remarkable journey with the Indian Air Force in July 1992. His dedication extended to international arenas as he actively participated in Tri-Services and international flying exercises. He spent three months in Kyiv, Ukraine, overseeing the An32 upgrade acceptance. In 2011, he volunteered for the Interviewing Officers Course and continued to serve in this role for over 12 years until his retirement on 31 August 2023. During this period, he held key positions, functioning as IO, Senior IO, and Deputy President in successive AFSB tenures. Group Captain A Basu contributed significantly to candidate assessment, conducting around five thousand SSB interviews. His operational service included deployment at Kargil for over two months during Op Vijay in 1999. Currently, Group Captain A Basu shares his wealth of experience as an SSB Mentor with Centurion Defence Academy.

Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur (Retd.) - Medical Expert at Centurion Defence Academy

Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur (Retd.) is an esteemed medical expert at the Centurion Defence Academy (CDA), boasting an extensive array of professional qualifications including an M.B.B.S. from Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune, an M.D. in Internal Medicine also from A.F.M.C., Pune, and a D.M. in Cardiology from the Military Hospital (Cardio Thoracic Centre), A.F.M.C., Pune. With an impressive 31 years of clinical experience, Dr. Ajay Bahadur remains committed to providing invaluable medical guidance to defence aspirants, leveraging his expertise to empower and prepare individuals aspiring to join the Armed Forces. His wealth of knowledge and practical experience in medicine significantly contribute to the holistic preparation of candidates at Centurion Defence Academy, ensuring they possess the physical fitness and medical awareness necessary for a successful career in defence services.

Lt. Col. Amit Srivastava, SM (Retd.) - DIPR-Trained Senior GTO Dehradun Centre

Lt. Col. Amit Srivastava, SM is a retired officer of the Indian Army with 25 years of distinguished service. Presently, he is associated with Centurion Defence Academy as a Senior GTO at Dehradun Centre, overseeing the GTO segment of the SSB Interview. He is a trained Group Testing Officer (GTO), having completed an extensive course from the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR). He has served at the Selection Centre, Allahabad as Sr. GTO and has also been part of the Core Team for raising a new Selection Centre at Kapurthala with two SSBs. During his tenure as a GTO at different boards, he assessed more than 10,000 candidates and appraised their suitability as per the selection parameters of the Indian Armed Forces. At Centurion Defence Academy, Lt. Col. Amit Srivastava, SM, with his years of rich experience, ensures that defence aspirants are equipped with the required GTO skills and officer-like qualities to excel in their pursuits.

Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur - Director of Academics and Innovation - CDA

Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur, in her role as Director of Academics and Innovation at Centurion Defence Academy, epitomizes leadership and expertise in shaping the next generation of military leaders. Her specialized focus on communication skills and personality development training is integral to guiding defence aspirants toward successful careers within the Indian Armed Forces. Mrs. Kaur’s distinguished mentorship extends beyond conventional academics, instilling in candidates the requisite officer-like qualities crucial for excelling in the demanding landscape of defence services. Notably, her representation of India in Nepal under the National Cadet Corps (NCC) Youth Exchange Programme underscores her commitment to fostering international cooperation and leadership development. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with a strategic and holistic approach, plays a pivotal role in empowering defence aspiring, ensuring they embody the values, skills, and leadership essential for serving the nation with distinction.

Mr. Aditya Dubey - (PD and Eng Spoken Trainer) Vice President - CEPL

Mr. Aditya Dubey, holding the position of Vice President at Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd. (CEPL) and also rendering his services as the Personality Development and English Spoken Trainer, stands as a beacon of guidance and expertise, nurturing students for the past 18 years. His specialization in Competitive English, Communication Skills, and Soft Skills is instrumental in preparing and shaping the career paths of defence aspirants. Mr. Dubey’s innovative and productive teaching methodologies have been pivotal in guiding young minds towards successful careers in defence services since the establishment of CEPL. As a leading figure at Centurion Defence Academy, his leadership and dedication play a crucial role in ensuring the holistic development and readiness of young students aspiring to serve in the defence forces. His dedication to continual learning underscores his pivotal role in nurturing strong and capable individuals for the challenges of defence service.

Centurion Defence Academy offers unique learning, social environment and encourages students to become modest, humble, disciplined and adhere to basic human values. SSB Experts, CDA staff and faculty have made substantial contribution to the academic through quality teaching publication, seminars and conferences. We ensure parents that your ward will be spending fruitful and enriching time with us. Join India’s best SSB Coaching today!

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