Best SSB Interview Coaching in Dehradun

Candidates who successfully complete the early phases of the officer-cadre defence exams are invited to the SSB Interview, also known as the “Intelligence and Personality Test.” The SSB Interview is held by the Services Selection Board (SSB), which is part of the Government of India’s Ministry of Defence. Since the SSB interview is highly important in determining a candidate’s final recommendation, it is essential to seek professional assistance in order to prepare thoroughly. Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center provides the best SSB coaching in Dehradun, encompassing all aspects of the SSB interview, including screening, psychology, and GTO. Let’s take a look at why you should choose Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center for your SSB Interview preparation.

SSB Coaching in Dehradun

Benefits of Attending Centurion Defence Academy for SSB Interview

  • Detailed Performance Assessment
  • Holistic Development of Proficiency
  • Consistency in Exam Preparation
  • Increased Chances of Selection
  • Mentorship under Experienced Professionals

When applicants contact us for enrollment, they are asked to fill out a questionnaire, and our mentors make a final decision about which course is perfect for the candidates based on that simple questionnaire. We undertake this procedure with our expert’s commitment and knowledge because it is critical that a student begins his or her journey in the right direction. The questionnaire includes questions based on students’ academic profiles, personality profiles, and intelligence level. Centurion Defence Academy, a top SSB coaching institute in Dehradun, manages the entire SSB interview process. Furthermore, the sense in which you complete the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) has a significant impact on your prospects of selection.

Why Choose Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center for SSB Preparation?

Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center is a renowned coaching institute that has established a standard in defence coaching by having the highest recommendation rate in SSB Interviews. Because it employs a balanced learning strategy to prepare students for the SSB Interview, the Academy has earned a reputation as the best SSB Interview coaching. Let’s look at the key features of Centurion Defence Academy and how they can help you enhance your course of study to meet your objectives.

  • New Batches For SSB Preparation Start Every Monday
  • Access to Free Personality Test by DIPR Trained Assessors
  • Individual Attention & Guidance Are Our Core Strength
  • 21-Day SSB Training To Written Qualified Students
  • Free Spoken English & Personality Development Classes
  • Psychology Guidance & Strategic Techniques for Interview
  • Rigorous Training for GTO Activities By Ex-Board Members
  • Short Trick Based Smart Classes By Our Experienced Faculty
  • Availability of Fooding & Lodging Facilities for Boys & Girls
  • Access To Free Study Materials Created by Our R&D Team
  • Specific Focus on the Development of Personality Traits

Guidance for Computerized Pilot Selection System – CPSS Test

Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center offers comprehensive training for the Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) Test, an integrated smart method used to screen pilots for all flying branches of the Indian Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. CPSS has been used for years, laying a special emphasis on aspirants’ psychomotor skills and intellectual functioning. It is a significant step forward in the screening of pilot applicants. Centurion Defence Academy assists defence aspirants who want to join the Indian Armed Forces’ flying branches in their preparation for the CPSS Test.

Elite SSB Panel of Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center

Centurion Defence Academy provides a distinctive learning and interpersonal setting that encourages defence aspirants to develop competence and officer-like qualities. Centurion Defence Academy’s elite SSB Panel makes it the best SSB coaching in Dehradun, as its panel has made significant contributions to the final selection of aspirants through individual guidance and personalized training. Centurion Defence Academy’s tremendous SSB Panel is made up of ex-Indian Armed Forces officers with extensive experience and proficiency as psychologists, GTOs (Group Testing Officers), and interviewing officers. The Centurion Defence Academy’s elite SSB Panel includes the following defence personalities:

  • 1. Sir Shishir Dixit- Founder Director CEPL, Air Veteran, Litterateur, SSB Expert (Psychology)
  • 2. Maj. Gen. AK Chaturvedi, AVSM, VSM, Trained IO (DIPR), Senior IO at CDA
  • 3. Air Commodore Shashikant Mishra VM, Senior Interviewing Officer, SSB Mentor
  • 4. Col Rajesh Kumar Sharma, GTO, Ex GTO-Bhopal & Kapurthala
  • 5. Col Pramod Kumar (Retd.) GTO, Ex-GTO, Bhopal 22 SSB
  • 6. Gurkirat Kaur – Center Head, CEPL (Communication Skills and PD Trainer)
  • 7. Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur Medical Expert – CDA
  • 8. Aditya Dubey (PD and Eng Spoken Trainer) Vice president-CEPL
  • 9. Yash Tripathi- Asst. GTO Coach

Know more about our SSB Experts

SSB Interview Selection Procedure

The following are the significant aspects of the SSB Interview Selection Procedure:

  •  Screening
  •  Psychology
  •  GTO
  •  Personal Interview
  •  Conference

Screening is the preliminary stage of sorting out prospective candidates from among all those who apply for the SSB. The following two assessments are used to select candidates during screening.

  •  Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests (OIR Testing)
  •  Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)

Mansa, Vacha, and Karmana are the next phases of the SSB interview selection procedure. These are three Sanskrit words that refer to the mind, speech, and action, in that order. The candidates who take the SSB examination are evaluated and selected as officers for the Indian Armed Forces based on these three virtues


The second stage begins once the list of candidates who passed Stage I is released. This stage includes psychology, in which four tests are administered to determine the candidate’s psychological worthiness as an officer.

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  •  Word Association Test (WAT)
  •  Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  •  Self-Description Test (SD)
GTO – Group Testing Officer Tasks (VACHA)

Following the exhausting workout of psychological testing in Stage II, the candidates are assigned a series of outdoor activities known as Group Testing Officer’s Tasks, abbreviated as GTO Tasks. There are a total of nine tasks based on which the candidates will be picked.

  • 1. Group Discussion (GD)
  • 2. GPE or MPE (Group/Military Planning Exercise)
  • 3. Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • 4. Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race
  • 5. Individual Lecturette (IO)
  • 6. Half Group Task (HGT)
  • 7. Individual Obstacles
  • 8. Command Task
  • 9. Final Group Task (FGT)
Personal Interview (Karmana)

The candidates progress to the Personal Interview (PI) round after a long journey through the selection process that includes various activities and tasks. It can be described as a conscious conversation between the applicant and the interviewing officers. The primary goal of the entire personal interview process is to specifically assess the candidate for officer-like qualities (OLQs). Centurion Defence Academy believes in doing everything possible to help you achieve your goal of becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. We are optimistic that we are the right choice for what we do, which is why we are the best SSB coaching in Dehradun. At our academy, we believe in quality rather than quantity, which is why we provide a limited number of seats in a single batch to ensure that proper attention is paid to every student.

Conference Round

The conference in the SSB interview takes place on the fifth day of SSB evaluation. During the conference, all assessors of a specific board meet to discuss and plan ahead the results of applicants based on their five days of assessment.

SSB Interview Course by Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy is the best guide that will lead you to the final selection in the SSB Interview. It has previously demonstrated its expertise in officer-cadre selections by providing the highest number of selections in SSB Interviews. Centurion Defence Academy has rendered the most final selections of girls for the NDA SSB, and it has provided 21 officer-cadre selections for the Indian Armed Forces in the last 45 days.

Centurion Defence Academy Dehradun Center SSB Course Fees
SSB Interview21 DaysRs. 12712+GST

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