Mathematics Books for NDA/NA, AIRFORCE, NAVY Exam


Mathematics Books for NDA/NA, AIRFORCE, NAVY Exam (Technical)

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Mathematics Books for NDA/NA, AIRFORCE, NAVY Exam (Technical)

Mathematics is the result of mysterious powers which no one understands, and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part.” Our New MATHEMATICS Book FOR NDA|NA|AIRFORCE|NAVY is a pathbreaking book for mathematics. It has been specially pioneered by our experts for an easier, student friendly approach towards the defence technical syllabus. The book is an innovative treatment of the subject which aims at developing a spirit of curiosity and discovery. This Mathematics book covers the complete syllabus of Mathematics for above mentioned defence exams. The book contains all study material in precise manner to help CBSE and non-cbse students in understanding NCERT Mathematics in an easy and better way. The theory of this book is completely based on the new pattern including major formulas, more than 1000 short cut methods, concepts, techniques and illustrations. It accommodates level-based problems starting from easy to tough levels; followed by Assertion and Reason type questions, NCERT drill and more than 5500 multiple choice questions from previous year papers for practice. It is a highly recommended textbook to develop a strong grounding in Algebra. The Book covers the entire syllabus into simpler chapters. Each chapter includes a wide range of questions that are asked in the examinations. Centurion Defence Academy brings up a banquet of concepts and question papers-that is carefully revised with the sessionwise theory and exercise; to help candidates to learn & tackle the mathematical problems. We have designed it to be the best go to book for an in-depth and detailed overview on mathematics for all defence exams.

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