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Centurion Academy is among the best Merchant Navy Coaching in Lucknow. The institute stands apart for its arts of infrastructure, valuable faculty members, modern class rooms, library and a disciplined atmosphere which helps students grow. Our faculty members, with their profound knowledge and experience, impart their best to students. The students here are not just being taught syllabus, they are being judged through weekly and monthly mock tests. All the test papers are set according to standard of Merchant Navy Entrance Examination. The knowledge and information is not just imparted at Centurion Academy, but it is made sure that students are able to grasp and understand it well. The dedicated faculty staff makes every effort to guide with their valuable and extensive experience. The students are benefitted with notes and various kinds of study materials, which benefit the students to become a competent mariner. The course material and the way of delivering information remain same in all braches to maintain uniformity. All these factors make Centurion Academy the best choice for the preparation of Merchant Navy Coaching in Lucknow.

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When it comes to results, Centurion Academy has always fulfilled its promise to bring out the best in student’s career. By the end of the course students find themselves a new personality which always suitable for mariner’s lifestyle. Various sessions of personality development make students confident sea farers, who are ready to face the challenges during sea voyages as well as in their lives. The future mariners are made familiar with the life style and work culture here. At the same time, various terms and terminology like self safety, ship’s safety and security, Ship’s organization and their responsibilities towards it are introduced constantly to maintain the seamanship among them.