Merchant marine or Merchant Navy is non-combatant financial fleet of country wise registered merchant vessels. These ships carry sailors of different ranks along with, passengers in Passenger vessel and transferring consignment in cargo liners. These cruise or liners make voyages to same or different countries around the world for trading through water. That’s why it is said to be backbone of global trade. The liners transport tons of goods and material worldwide for international trade. Even the cruises, these days, are fully equipped with all kinds of luxuries and comfort making a safe journey for passengers.


These vessels are crucial to handle with lots of technical details and that is why it requires a sailor to be highly professional and efficient to operate a line drive. Mariners, worldwide, have high standards for selection and training before handling the ship. We, at Centurion Academy, bring out the best in future mariners. Today Merchant Navy has ocean of opportunities young and talented sail farers rewarding high salary.

Careers In Merchant Navy


Once the Deck Cadet completes its training, he is appointed in the rank of 3 rd officer and gets promoted to the rank of 2 nd officer to the captain of the ship. The navigation officer provides for navigation of ship, which includes load and unload cargo, administrating and maintaining the cargo. The ranks are designated to different roles like LSA and FFA onboard, administration and maintaining the deck and the port document for the further use by the master are assigned 3 rd officer mate. Charts and publications are with their maintenance onboard are 2 nd officer duties. He is also the medical officer responsible for medical related issues on board.

Educational Qualification:

1. Award of Diploma in Nautical Science by IMU + 04STCW

2. DLP course by IGNOU + 18 months sea service

3. 4 months second mate Function at Maritime College which is DGS approved (semester 6 th ) + modular course. Get Second Mate (FG) COC from IGNOU and B.SC Degree in Nautical Science.



Marine officers are always in demand for their efficiency, foresightedness and ability to work all by themselves without any individual assistance. Mariner engineer is most valuable and accountable official onboard who is responsible for maintaining and operating onboard engineering system and manage all the systems and machine in a proper working condition. The engine room houses main engine, pumps, boilers, electrical generating plant, hydraulic fuel system and distribution.

Educational Qualification:

1. 4years course of Marine Engineering from DGS affiliated Shipping Institute

2. Basic 4 courses of STCW



The Mechanical Engineers operate in Boiler, Pumps, and Main Diesel Engine with other auxiliary engines. Their main job deals with assembling and dismantling a machine, riveting and welding kind of workshop activities. It includes range of principle based on Marine Engineering.

Educational Qualification: 

Graduation in Naval Architecture or Mechanical Engineering from a recognized AICTE Engineering College with valid degree.



Every ship or vessel requires an SEO. They are accountable for the maintenance of every electrical machinery and material on the ship. He deals with MSB, Power Distribution, emergency and main generator, local power distribution, emergency switch board, marine electrical cables. From every smallest electrical instrument to the biggest, it all comes to the range of SEO.

Educational Qualification:

1. A Foundation Degree in Electrical Engineering from AICTE Engineering College with 50% marks (minimum).Or

2. 1 st Class Diploma in Electrical EngineeringWith

3. Average 50% in English subject in high school and matriculation.