Success Story of AIR-17 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149

Success Story of AIR-17 Recommended Candidate of NDA-149


Centurion Defence Academy is the well-known coaching for NDA preparation & the highest selections in India. In this article, we share the Success Story of AIR-17 in girl Ayushi Patel Recommended Candidate of NDA-149 Success Story.


“I have failed over and over and over again in my life…that’s why I succeeded” Michael Jordan


Our Proud Centurion Ayushi Patel follows the same mantra. She is a great example of falling ten times and getting up eleven times. Ayushi achieved an all-India rank of 17 in the NDA Exam and became part of 18 lucky stars created by Centurion Defence Academy in the NDA 149 Course. Ayushi Patel was recommended from 22 SSB Bhopal. She belongs to a civil background and successfully passed her NDA Exam on the second attempt.


Let us look at the journey of Ayushi Patel from an ordinary girl to an officer in the armed forces


Her Journey


Her decision to choose a defence career after 12th class was no surprise because it was her childhood dream only to become a part of Army Officer. Her maternal grandfather used to work at Army Dairy Farm and he used to tell him stories of Army and Army officers. She used to get very motivated hearing these stories. She was inspired so much by the Army that she filled out the form of NDA when the supreme court’s decision came out to allow entry of female candidates into the NDA.


Ayushi successfully passed the NDA written examination in the first attempt only. But she was conferenced out in her first attempt, unfortunately. In her second attempt, she left no stone unturned and cleared both the written exam and SSB with flying colors.


Her SSB Experience


The second attempt of Ayushi in SSB went very smoothly. She was able to perform every task in a very good manner. She appreciates the guidance provided at Centurion Defence Academy. She believes that Centurion Defence Academy shaped her thoughts and helped her to think in her own way.


Her Screening- The screening Process for Ayushi Patel was very smooth. She says that the guidance and practice provided for OIR and PPDT greatly helped her to easily qualify for the screening process. She did not participate in the fish market and gave her suggestions when the fish market was not going on.


Psychology Tests- ‘रणनीति SSB Book’ provided by Centurion Defence Academy helped Ayushi Patel very extensively. Ayushi says that she had prepared for psych tests as per guidance provided by Shishir Sir who is Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy. Because of her proper practice, she was able to complete all WAT, TAT, and SRT.


GTO Test- Guidance provided by Centurion Defence Academy under Colonel RK Sharma really helped Ayushi to perform well in the GTO. She cooperated with his group and gave suggestions whenever her group needed her. Daily Newspaper reading helped her to improve her general knowledge and that’s why her group discussion and lecturette went really well.


Personal Interview- Ayushi says that she prepared for all the answers she could not give during her first SSB and stayed truthful during her personal interview. As she stayed truthful, very few cross-questions were asked. Mock Interviews conducted by Shishir Sir and feedback provided by him helped her to answer tricky questions asked during SSB.


Her Message and Motivation


Ayushi wants to advise her fellow defence aspirants that Nervousness is the biggest enemy. Be confident. If you have officer-like qualities in you, you will be recommended for sure. And if you do not have these qualities, then you can develop them easily. She suggests reading रणनीति SSB Book’ for SSB preparation.


Ayushi Patel is one of the mountains of selections produced by Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy is known for its mountains of selections in defence exams including NDA and She is one of those gems of Centurion Defence Academy. Centurion Defence Academy acted like a compass that guides on unknown ways. Centurion Defence Academy has been guiding Aspirants to make their defence dream a reality. You too can be part of the mountain of selections and live your defence dream. For details on our courses, you can call on the number provided on our website.


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