Success Story of AIR-3 Recommended Candidate of NDA-150

Success Story of AIR-3 Recommended Candidate of NDA-150


Centurion Defence Academy is the best-known coaching for NDA preparation & the highest selections in India. In this article, we share the Success Story of AIR-3 in girl Juee Dhage Recommended Candidate for NDA-150 Success Story.


“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

 – Vince Lombardi


Juee Dhage perhaps requires no introduction because by securing the 1st rank in Maharashtra and an all-India rank of 3 in the girl’s category for the NDA 150 Course. This remarkable feat showcases her exceptional academic abilities and her commitment to excelling in all aspects of life. Juee’s success is not limited to academics and archery alone. She has showcased her mettle in the SSB Interview, securing the 3rd highest marks, which is a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities and remarkable communication skills. Juee has found her passion in Archery since class 3rd and She has won 16 National Medals in Archery. With her unwavering determination and exceptional skills, Juee is always determined to make a lasting impact in every endeavor she undertakes.


Introduction of NDA 150 Topper Juee Rajendra Dhage


Juee Rajendra Dhagee belongs to Pune, Maharashtra. Juee Rajendra Dhage is Maharashtra Topper in NDA and AIR 3 NDA 150 Course. Juee Rajendra Dhage has achieved a very big milestone of achieving the 3rd highest marks in the NDA SSB Interview. She is an acclaimed Archer who has won 12 National Level Medals in Archery. As a Sportsperson, She has been practicing Archery since class 3rd. Juee Rajendra Dhage is a very ambitious girl who wants to serve the Indian Army by representing the Indian Army in the Olympics and International Tournaments.



Let’s Know More About Juee Rajendra Dhage…


Motivation to Join National Defence Academy

Juee Dhage got the inspiration to join the National Defence Academy by visiting there only. Juee Dhage visited the National Defence Academy Kendriya Vidyalaya for Board Exams and she witnessed the cadets going through rigorous training and discipline. Despite witnessing the challenges they faced, including punishments and demanding physical activities, she found herself inspired. The sight of their unwavering dedication and resilience fueled her motivation, igniting a strong desire to join the National Defence Academy and become part of this honorable institution.


Juee Dhage’s Strategy NDA Written Exam

Juee Dhage knew about the vastness of the National Defence Academy (NDA) syllabus and that’s why she developed a step-by-step approach to conquer it. Initially, she faced challenges in mathematics, but instead of getting discouraged, she remained determined and decided to improve her skills in the subject. Initially, She did not like maths but she continued to practice for maths, and she later developed an interest in maths. Juee implemented a systematic practice routine, initially attempting 80 questions within a specified time limit. As she gained confidence and proficiency, she progressively increased the number of questions attempted to 100 and eventually 120. Juee’s commitment to continuous improvement, combined with the support of Centurion Defence Academy and her diligent practice, enabled her to overcome her initial difficulties and ultimately got AIR 3 in NDA 150 Course.


Juee’s SSB Journey

During the SSB Interview, Juee Dhage adopted a focused approach, concentrating on the present test without thinking about the future. She dedicated herself to preparing an excellent story for the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT) and presented it with great finesse. However, during the narration, the assessors abruptly stopped her just a minute before completion, indicating that they may have grasped the essence of her idea. In the personal interview, Juee’s performance shone brightly as most of the questions revolved around her hobby, archery. With her in-depth knowledge and passion for the sport, she responded adeptly, impressing the interviewers with her well-articulated answers. When the Interviewing Officer gave Juee the opportunity to ask a question, she took advantage of it and inquired about the meaning of a “wet canteen.” This display of curiosity showcased her proactive nature and willingness to seek clarity on unfamiliar concepts.


The hobby of Juee Dhage

Juee’s journey in the field of archery commenced in the 3rd grade, where she discovered her passion for this precision sport. Since then, she has honed her skills, displaying unwavering commitment and determination. Her remarkable talent and unwavering focus have propelled her to secure remarkable achievements in the world of archery.


Juee Dhage exemplifies the qualities of a true champion. Her remarkable achievements, both on and off the field, serve as an inspiration to all those who aspire to reach great heights. With her unwavering determination and exceptional skills, Juee is poised to make a lasting impact in every endeavor she undertakes. Juee Dhaee wishes to serve the Indian Army by representing Indian Army as an Archer in the Olympics and other International Tournaments.


Brief Information about  NDA 150 Topper Juee Rajendra Dhage
Full NameJuee Rajendra Dhage
HometownPune, Maharashtra
All India Rank in NDA3rd (in Girl Category)

1st in Maharashtra

Course NameNDA 150 Course
Achievement in NDA Exam3rd Highest SSB Interview Marks
Achievement12 National Level Medals in Archery


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