Success Story of AIR-16 Recommended Candidate of NDA-150

With the highest selection rate in India, Centurion Defence Academy is the best defence coaching for NDA preparation. In this article, we would like to share the success story of Sakshi Pandey, AIR 16 in girls in the NDA 150th course final merit list. Sakshi was recommended for the NDA 150th course by 34 SSB Allahabad, and she also secured her place in the final merit list. Let’s explore Sakshi Pandey’s success story. 


Introduction and Desire to Serve the Nation


Jai Hind friends! My name is Sakshi Pandey and recently I have been recommended for the NDA 150th course from 34 SSB Allahabad.


The merit list has also been released and my All India Rank is 164. And yes, I am very happy to say that and I am also very delighted because when you prepare for something, concentrate your whole mind and finally you achieve it, then it has a different feeling than cannot be expressed in words. I want to share my success story with you guys and share my ups and downs so that you too can get that insight and get some help from my journey.


Inspiration from Father’s Dedication


So, first of all, I belong to a defence background. My father is a serving JCO in the Army and because of him we were living in cantonment areas in my childhood and its advantage is that I have inculcated those values since my childhood, that discipline, that stability, that passion for the country, all this was visible from childhood. And, I have seen my father very closely, when he used to wake up on time in the morning, put on his uniform and used to come back in the evening, although he used to tell us how many times he gets tired, but the satisfaction visible on his face inspired me a lot since childhood, that uniform which gives you discipline, gives you valor, it inspires you a lot. 

Breaking barriers and pursuing NDA Dream


Somewhere from childhood, it was in my mind that I wanted to become a military officer. But after that, as you all know, NDA admission was not open for girls, it was somewhere in my mind, but for 10+2, there was no idea that we would get a chance to give NDA. When I was in class 12, the Supreme Court’s decision came that even girls can try and give NDA. I was very happy that finally it is a step that you don’t have to wait for 3 years for your dream. Like boys we will also be able to go to NDA and fulfill our dreams.


Although at that time I had my boards, so my major focus was on board, but I still appeared for NDA 149th course but I could not clear it. But it is the same thing that you are defeated only when you lay down your arms. Then, there was the NDA 150th course in front of me. The exam was in September, I filled out the form, prepared my time plan and started studying for the September attempt. 


Commitment to NDA 150th Course


The exam was conducted on 4th September and after 15 days the result came… I was very happy, I told my friends, and first of all I told my father, he was also very happy and he said one step completed but there are still more steps ahead, so, be ready for this. I was very happy for a day or two and then realized that the next step is SSB and then I had to prepare for SSB. And, I came to know about Centurion Defence Academy from one of my friends. I joined the academy and after joining I got a complete process. Preparing for SSB is different from preparing for the written exam.


Cultivating Essential Qualities for SSB Interview


For the written exam you practice as much as you have studied or as much as your teachers have guided and SSB assesses your personality and as said it is one of the toughest interviews. And, your personality is assessed through three different perspectives, Manasa, Vacha and Karmana. Your mind, your speech and your action, these three ways measure your personality. I made sure to inculcate such values from the very beginning like discipline, consistency and perseverance that are very required in the SSB Interview. 


I downloaded all the tests, gave mock tests, prepared, gave mock interviews and all the while making sure to maintain my originality. Who you are, you want to improve yourself, you don’t want to hide yourself, you want to make yourself better, you have to shine like a diamond, you shouldn’t be anything else after being polished. It’s a pure process. And, gradually, I was much better than before, I started going for morning running. It was winter time, we got results in September and we had 2-3 months. Winters are very foggy but I still used to go running.


Determination and Perseverance in Preparation


Many times it used to be that the fog was very dense, the weather was very bad and many times my friends denied coming, saying no, today we would not go, I made sure that I did not miss a single day. I had a passion in my mind that I had to do this, a motivation comes in your mind when you want something from your heart, you don’t need any additional motivation. I got 34 SSB Allahabad for SSB Interview. It was my first day when all the candidates came, obviously, when you are preparing then you think that the preparation is going well but when you go to such places and you meet other people with the same ability, same energy, it’s a different environment. 


The biggest thing which will help you is to believe in yourself. In our batch, 79 girls reported and we had our screening test on the first day and only 36 were screened in. And after getting screened in, I loved the process. And I enjoyed it very much. I gave my 100% that I could fully enjoy that process. I talked a lot with all those people, different people, different viewpoints, it was so much fun listening to them, visiting them, and I had a good bonding with all of them.


Enjoying SSB Process and Building Bonds


After this we felt as if we were doing normal practice with our friends, nothing seemed like a test. I didn’t even feel that competitive because there was such good bonding with everyone that it was a very familiar and wonderful process for me. And after that, a day before the recommendation, we all were given phones, then I talked at home about how everything was going, how was the interview going, so far everything was going well, I was told to be calm and just do my best.


And, for me, it was like why should I be scared, I have given my best and I was definitely confident. The next day, after the conference, when we were sitting and the results were announced, there was a lot of commotion.


Being Recommended from 34 SSB Allahabad


Some candidates were sure, some were saying that they were going to be recommended, but everyone was nervous because your work is in your hand, but not the result. Then, after some time, an officer announced to take the names one by one. I was waiting for my chest number, chest number 25 and when he called chest number Two-Five, I stood up and went there, informing them whatever details they wanted. Although I was convinced, I could not believe for a second and could not believe if this was actually true. And yes also it seemed yes it is true, when I have worked so hard then why won’t it be true… So, it is very difficult to say in such words. It is best to feel it.


Medical Examination and Waiting for Merit List


After that we stayed there for the medical exam. After the recommendation is done then there were discussions regarding merit, there are only 19 vacancies for girls, and, there are lakhs of candidates, but the thing is that how can you tell without fighting, how can you surrender without fighting, and without fighting how can you believe that you will lose, you will fight then you will know and when you fight, you will also win, this is what I believe.


Message to Aspirants: Fight for Your Dreams


Even after that, my approach was always the same, so what if there are 19 seats, I want only one seat and I have to get it. I think this should be the approach. And, when the merit list came, I was very happy, I called and told my father and he was more happy than me, and everyone in the family was also happy, thanks to all the teachers who always supported me and whenever my motivation was low didn’t let it happen. Finally, I would like to give a message to all the aspirants, just fight for it; because it is your passion, your dream, so you have to work on it to make it come true.

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