Success Story of AIR-85 Recommended Candidate of NDA-150
Monday | November 27, 2023

In today’s NDA success story, we are featuring Ankit Tripathi, a proud student of Centurion Defence Academy, who cracked his SSB interview for the NDA 150th course from 18 SSB Allahabad and paved his way to join the National Defence Academy. Ankit secured AIR 85 in the final merit list of the NDA 2 2022 exam, which was conducted to select the right fit for the 150th course at the NDA. Ankit completed his schooling at Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer.

With the help of the right guidance and individual feedback from Centuiron’s mentors, Ankit cracked the SSB interview in his first attempt. This success story of our Proud Centurion Ankit is going to help many aspiring students who wish to join the National Defence Academy. Here we will discuss the complete five-day experience of Ankit at 18 SSB Allahabad as well as how he made it through this journey. Let us learn more about the inspiring NDA success story of Ankit.


Important Highlights of Ankit Tripathi AIR 85 (NDA 150th Course)


Particulars Details
Name Ankit Tripathi
All India Rank AIR 85
Attempt 1st
School Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer
NDA Preparation Centurion Defence Academy
Course NDA 150th Course
Exam NDA II 2022
SSB Center 18 SSB Allahabad
Reporting  101 candidates
Screened In  43 candidates
Recommended 9 candidates
Written Score  365 marks
SSB Score  470 marks
Total Score  835 marks


Success Story of Cracking the NDA Exam

Let us see Ankit’s success story of cracking the NDA exam with the help of these six points.


  • The initial tests of OIR and PP&DT posed little difficulty for Ankit. During the Picture Perception and Description Test, he portrayed a compelling narrative of a team member of the NDRF responding to a fire emergency. This laid the foundation for his optimistic outlook on the screening process.


  • His psychological tests, facilitated by prior preparation at Centurion Defence Academy, showcased his adeptness in linking the TAT stories with his PIQ. With diligent practice and guidance from resources like the Ranneeti book by Sir Shishir Dixit, Ankit navigated through WAT and SRT with precision and ease.


  • The GTO phase witnessed Ankit contributing significantly with a wealth of ideas, despite not holding a leadership role. Excelling particularly in Group Discussion (GD) and Group Planning Exercise (GPE), he attracted favorable attention from assessors and gained recognition within his group as a valuable team member.


  • During the Personal Interview (PI), Ankit’s rich background at Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer, and his involvement in a number of extracurricular and sports activities became the focal point.


  • Approaching the Conference Round with a positive outlook, Ankit confidently expressed satisfaction with his performance and eagerly awaited the outcome.


  • The five-day thrilling journey of Ankit at 18 SSB Allahabad culminated with the declaration of the names of the recommended candidates. Finally, his name was announced among the selected candidates for the 150th course at the National Defence Academy. His seven-year pursuit of this achievement found a positive outcome in this moment.


  • Screening Phase


The first shocking moment during reporting was when a total of 101 candidates reported that day at 18 SSB Allahabad. The number of reporting candidates usually varies from 60 to 70, and Ankit was wondering if he would be able to get a recommendation. So, as usual, the first test was OIR, which he thought was easy and something anyone could do.


The next test was PP&DT, where a picture was shown to them. The picture depicted four people wearing helmets and taking a casualty somewhere. This was what Ankit perceived. For this, the story that he came up with was about Abhinav, a member of the NDRF team, who got information about a fire that broke out. He narrated how Abhinav and his team responded to the situation. Ankit tried to add a few good points and gave his best in that one-minute narrative. Although he felt fear, he was confident that he would clear the screening tests as his process went well.


  • Psychological Tests


After successfully completing the screening test, the next day was scheduled for the psychology tests. Ankit’s preparation at Centurion Defence Academy helped him significantly during these tests. He related most TAT stories to his PIQ and performed well in that part. Even for the twelfth story, a blank story, he related it to his school achievement.


For the WAT, Ankit took guidance from the Ranneeti book by Sir Shishir Dixit, noting down numerous words and practicing by writing sentences. He invested time thinking over specific words, sometimes taking five minutes to craft a sentence. These efforts helped him complete the WAT section satisfactorily. In SRT, he followed a similar practice approach and managed to complete 45 SRTs. His self-description in SDT was primarily prepared by him, with some editing by Shishir Sir to enhance its accuracy and reliability.


  • GTO Tasks


In the GTO tasks, Ankit wasn’t leading the group but contributed ideas throughout. He felt less confident in managing certain GTO activities where one has to use fatta, balli and rassi but excelled in GD and GPE, attracting considerable attention from his assessors. As he performed well in GTO, his team members recognized him as a potential member and inclined toward him for other group tasks.


  • Personal Interview


During the personal interview, Ankit’s PIQ was the major point of discussion due to his background in Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer, and his participation in various extracurricular and sports activities. Consequently, Ankit’s interview primarily revolved around half of his PIQ and RMS Ajmer.


Ankit says that the more interesting you tend to become, the more things the interviewer will have to ask you. This is because sometimes, after talking for 10–15 minutes, the interviewer concludes the process of interrogation, and the last option is to ask you questions related to general awareness. And, therefore, a better understanding of PIQ is very essential. At times, Ankit was unable to answer some questions and politely acknowledged this, expressing a willingness to find the answers later.


  • Conference Round


During the conference, the assessors inquired about Ankit’s perception of his performance. He expressed confidence in his performance and optimism for positive outcomes. When asked if he had any questions, he politely declined, and this is how his conference was concluded.


  • Declaration of the Names of Recommended Candidates


When the results were announced and Ankit’s name was declared among the recommended candidates, he was completely shocked. Ankit said that he had been waiting for this moment for the past seven years. Above all, he further emphasizes that while having faith in oneself is important, such moments in life hold a special significance that is hard to describe in words.


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Ankit’s success in the NDA exam demonstrates the significance of thorough preparation and his confident yet humble demeanor throughout the SSB journey. His NDA success story serves as an inspiration for thousands of NDA aspirants who wish to become like Ankit. There is no doubt that Centurion Defence Academy played a great role that shaped Ankit’s path towards the NDA. If you are one who wishes to join the prestigious National Defence Academy, enroll yourself at Centurion Defence Academy, which offers the best NDA coaching for holistic preparation. Since the competition to join the NDA is mounting, it is the need of the hour to get the right guidance at the right time. So, when are you going to join the National Defence Academy?


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Watch Ankit Tripathi’s, Success Story

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