What is CPSS and How to Qualify CPSS?

What is CPSS and How to Qualify CPSS?

Becoming a pilot is a dream of almost all Indians, but only a few are about the selection process for a Pilot in India. Here, by ‘Pilot’ we mean a Pilot of the Armed Forces of India, not a commercial pilot. So, here we are going to explain what the CPSS test which candidates must qualify to be eligible to become a Pilot in India.

Before the CPSS, the IAF relied on the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT), a traditional battery of pen-and-paper and mechanical tests dating back decadesThe Computerized Pilot Selection System is an advanced test used by the Indian Armed Forces to assess the flying aptitude of candidates applying to become pilots. CPSS was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation. It replaced the older Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) and measures qualities like psychomotor skills, information processing speed and accuracy, coordination, visualization, and time-sharing ability.

CPSS Test Procedure

The CPSS Test has been divided into two stages. In the first stage, the Instrument Test and Cognitive Ability Test is conducted. In the second stage, the cockpit simulator test and psychomotor test are conducted. Let us know more about its procedure-

Instrument Test

An instrument Test is conducted to check candidates’ familiarity with instruments used in aircraft. In this test, different readings are shown to candidates and candidates have to note down the readings on different instruments. The names of instruments on which candidates have to check are mentioned below.

Instrument Name of Instrument Use/Reading
airspeed-indicator. Airspeed Indicator It tells the speed of the winds.
artificial-horizon Artificial Horizon Provides essential information to pilots regarding the orientation of an aircraft with respect to the horizon.
altimeter Altimeter The altimeter indicates the height of the aircraft.
heading-indicator Heading Indicator/Directional Gyro Heading Indicator/Directional Gyro
turn-coordinator Turn Coordinator provides information about the aircraft’s rate of turn and coordination of turns.
vertical-speed-indicator Vertical Speed Indicator provides information about the rate of climb or descent of the aircraft.

The Cognitive Ability Test in CPSS

the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) – which evaluates your mental capabilities for the demanding role of a pilot. The following things are assessed in this test-

  1. General Aptitude

Verbal Reasoning- Ability to comprehend written information, identify relationships between words and concepts, and draw logical conclusions.

Numerical Ability- Proficiency in basic math operations, data interpretation, and problem-solving with numerical quantities.

Spatial Reasoning- Visualizing and manipulating three-dimensional objects and scenarios, understanding spatial relationships, and mental rotation.

  1. Instrument Comprehension

Knowledge of aircraft instruments and gauges- Understanding their functions, interpreting their readings, and identifying malfunctions.

Ability to follow instrument-based flight procedures- Applying cockpit information to maintain course, altitude, and safe operation.

How to qualify CPSS Test?

Play a Video Games

You must be wondering how can playing video games help you to pass the CPSS test. But, It is true that playing video games can help you a lot in qualifying CPSS test. Playing video games will help in improving your responses and your concentration will also improve. You should understand that CPSS is actually like a game only if excludes some pen-and-paper tests. coding games, logic puzzles, and software simulation games can be played to improve responses.

Do meditation

It is very important to have very good concentration to perform well in the CPSS test. There are many instruments from which candidates have to record readings and you need a good mental ability which can be significantly improved by doing regular meditation. You can practice meditation for 20 minutes in the morning or at the time of your convince.

CPSS is a specialized test that needs sufficient practice and special guidance. Without expert guidance, this test is extremely tough to qualify as the proper practice is required to qualify for this test. Centurion Defence Academy provides the best guidance for the CPSS test. This guidance is provided over CPSS Stimulator under retired officers of the Indian Air Force. Centurion Defence Academy has dedicated infrastructure for the CPSS Test and candidates are given enough time to practice on this stimulator. Other than the guidance for the stimulator test, specialized guidance is provided for the Cognitive Ability Test in CPSS.

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