CDS 2024 Study Material: Books, Course, Notes

The Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination is one of the most prestigious exams in India for those aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces. The UPSC conducts the CDS exam twice a year and lakhs of candidates appear in this exam. To prepare effectively for the CDS exam, aspirants need the right study materials, notes, and courses. Centurion Defence Academy, the best coaching for CDS preparation, provides comprehensive study material, notes, and courses to help candidates succeed in CDS 2024. Read on to know more about CDS 2024 study material and how you can excel in the CDS exam in 2024.


Why Choose Centurion for CDS 2024 Study Material?


The market is full of books and study materials for CDS preparation, but you need to follow a strategic study plan to crack this exam. Centurion Defence Academy has years of experience in defence exam preparation. With their expertise and research, its faculty members have created the best study materials for CDS 2024 preparation. Whether you need an English book for CDS preparation, General Knowledge or Elementary Mathematics, Centurion Defence Academy has covered everything for holistic preparation. CDS aspirants willing to join IMA, INA, AFA or OTA should refer to the books and notes offered by Centurion Publication for CDS preparation. Here you will get to know why choose Centurion for CDS 2024 study material. In addition to this, you can also see why Centurion Defence Academy stands out as the best CDS coaching in India.


  • Proven Track Record of Selections
  • Effectiveness in CDS preparation
  • Experienced Faculty Members
  • Best Guidance and Mentorship
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Paper Research and Analysis 
  • Regular Classroom Programs 
  • Latest Syllabus and Exam Pattern
  • In-depth Coverage of Each Subject
  • Coverage of Previous Years’ Papers
  • Extensive Practice Sessions
  • Mock Tests and Practice Papers
  • Personalized Attention and Guidance


Importance of CDS Study Materials 2024 by Centurion


The CDS English book by Centurion Defence Academy is the best study material for the CDS 2024 exam. Besides, Centurion Publication also provides the best General Knowledge book for CDS exam preparation. In addition to this, you can also get Geography / Economics and History / Polity books for complete preparation of the CDS 2024 exam. After clearing the CDS exam, selected candidates join either Indian Military Academy or Indian Naval Academy or Air Force Academy or Officers Training Academy. If someone wants to join OTA, he/she needs to attempt only English and General Knowledge papers. On the other hand, those seeking admission in IMA, INA or AFA have to attempt an additional paper, that is the Elementary Mathematics paper.


CDS English Book for 2024 Preparation


English is one of the major subjects in the CDS exam and it is a compulsory paper for all CDS aspirants. There are various topics in the CDS English paper such as vocabulary, spotting errors, para jumbles, cloze test, identification of parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, reading comprehension, etc. Besides, English is also the most scoring subject in the CDS exam, therefore, candidates need to thoroughly cover this paper to score maximum marks in the exam. For complete English preparation for the CDS 2024 exam, you can refer to the CDS English book by Centurion Publication, which covers all you need for CDS English preparation.


Geography / Economics Books for CDS 2024 Preparation 


Geography and Economics are two main components in the CDS General Knowledge paper. For the best preparation of the CSD 2024 exam, candidates need to cover these two subjects properly as a large number of questions are covered from these two subjects in the CDS GK paper. Besides, candidates should also go through the NCERT books for holistic preparation. Further, you can also refer to the Geography / Economics Books by Centurion Publication to understand the key concepts and improve your fundamental understanding.


History / Polity Book for CDS 2024 Preparation


Polity is everyone’s favorite part in the CDS General Knowledge paper. The polity section in the CDS GK paper alone contains a large number of questions. It is one of the most scoring parts provided that one has a clear understanding of the fundamentals of polity and constitution. To get complete knowledge of important history and polity topics, CDS aspirants can refer to the History and Polity Book by Centurion Defence Academy for CDS 2024 preparation.


Get Online Study Materials for CDS through the Centurion Digital App 


Centurion Digital App provides the best online study materials for CDS 2024 preparation. It is an interactive platform by Centurion Defence Academy to provide an online learning experience to CDS aspirants. Here you can get e-books, video lessons, mock tests, quizzes, and much more. Download the Centurion Digital App from the Google Play Store and boost your CDS 2024 preparation.


Join Best Coaching for CDS 2024 Preparation


When it comes to CDS 2024 study materials, Centurion Defence Academy stands out as the most reliable choice. With experienced faculty members and comprehensive study materials, Centurion has consistently delivered outstanding results in the defence exams. Choosing Centurion Defence Academy will help you gain a thorough knowledge of all important topics for the CDS exam. Start your CDS preparation with the best CDS coaching and realize your dream of serving the nation.


CDS 2024 Study Material FAQs


  1. Why should one choose Centurion Defence Academy for CDS 2024 study material?


Centurion Defence Academy has experienced faculty, comprehensive study material, and effective guidance.


  1. What subjects are covered in the CDS English paper, and why is it important?


CDS English paper includes topics like vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and more. It’s crucial because it’s a compulsory and scoring subject.


  1. Which subjects are essential for the CDS General Knowledge paper?


Geography, Economics, History, General Science, Current Affairs and Polity are crucial subjects for the CDS General Knowledge paper.


  1. Where can candidates find Geography and Economics books for CDS 2024 preparation?


Centurion Publication offers Geography and Economics books for CDS 2024 preparation.


  1. Why is the polity section important in the CDS General Knowledge paper?


The polity section contains many questions and is a high-scoring part. Thus, candidates should have a better understanding of the fundamentals of polity and constitution.


  1. What resources are available through the Centurion Digital App for CDS preparation?


The Centurion Digital App offers e-books along with video lessons, mock tests, quizzes, and much more for CDS aspirants.


  1. Why is a strategic study plan essential for cracking the CDS 2024 exam?


A strategic study plan not only ensures efficient preparation but also covers all subjects and maximizes one’s chances of success.

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