how to crack cds exam

How to Crack CDS Exam in Short Period


Combined Defence Service (CDS) features tri service of Indian Armed Forces, namely the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. CDS exam is hailed in India as a top- notch gateway to Defence.

The highly awaited exam is conducted twice a year, in the month of November and February. As we talk about Defence, the level surely will not be easy. There is a three- tier process to conquer CDS- written exam+ SSB interview+ medical assessment.

It’s natural that every candidate does not have same situation. While some may prepare for months others could dedicate very little amount of time to CDS. The ultimatum however lies in ‘undying determination’. No doubt preparing for CDS in short time will be difficult but keeping up courage and faith in your luck to turn fortunate enough, could ease your task.

Here is a special guide for those CDS aspirants who lack time:

  • Get a blueprint of the syllabus. English, Mathematics and G.K are the core subjects.
  • Get accurate idea of the marking pattern, the time limit as well as inclusion of any negative marks.
  • While the students preparing for months will have a upper hand but you can gain same benefits with smart planning:
  • Strategize very intelligently your areas of study. Unlike others, first expertise your already strong areas then lodge on to the weaker areas. Due to paucity of time just get the basics of the weaker areas to ensure you don’t sit blank in exam.
  • Analyze your strength and weakness and proceed accordingly.
  • Draft a smart time table and it better be a strict one as you don’t have months now.
  • Give practice a priority because retaining formulas doesn’t help alone.
  • Don’t cram things rather get to the logic.
  • For mathematics consult expert notes or coaching and grab short keys and simple methods.
  • For English read daily and upgrade your vocabulary as well as other parts of speech.
  • For General Knowledge update yourself with current affairs, national and international news and general science that you studied in school.
  • Solving last year papers and taking mock test is the top technique to conquer CDS in less time.
  • Time management, as always, must be taken care off.
  • Coming on to SSB. Well SSB doesn’t need months of preparation anyway but yes a beforehand preparation helps in some cases such as S.D, PIQ etc.
  • Anyway spontaneity, confidence, logic and knowledge combined together opens the lock of SSB.
  • SSB demands good knowledge so what you can do in short time is to upgrade your knowledge through current affair preparation. It will be a two- fold preparation.
  • Polish your personality through increased social interaction or participation in Group Discussion in case you have time.
  • Add to that take out few minutes from your busy schedule for a warm up or running or any other exercise because fitness is also demanded.

Let me warn you, because of time constraint your schedule is going to be neck tight, not like those preparing for months and years. But courage and extra hard work will shatter the obstacles.

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