Dress Code for Female MNS Aspirants | MNS SSC Interview 2024

The Indian Army and the National Testing Agency (NTA) have both released the MNS SSC interview schedule on their respective websites. As per the official schedule, the interview will start on 18 March 2024, and last until 4 April 2024. The MNS SSC interview for all shortlisted candidates will take place at Base Hospital Delhi Cantt to select Short Service Commission officers in the Military Nursing Service of the Indian Army. If you have been shortlisted for the MNS interview, you might be wondering about the dress code for female MNS aspirants. In this blog, I will clear up all your doubts regarding the MNS interview dress code. Continue reading to learn more about what you should wear for the MNS SSC interview and what to avoid. Plus, I have provided the list of important documents you’ll have to carry for the MNS interview.

What is an ideal dress code for the MNS Interview?

A presentable dress code is crucial when appearing for an interview, especially when it concerns the Indian Army. Your attire significantly impacts the impression you leave on the interviewers about your personality. Therefore, in such an official setting, casual wear should not even be considered. Although the personal interview round typically lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, your dressing sense can have a lasting impact on assessors who will determine your future as an MNS SSC officer in the Indian Army. In the pursuit of performing well in the interview, many MNS aspirants tend to overlook the importance of presentation. It’s essential not to make that mistake. Follow the suggestions below for your dress code during the MNS SSC interview.

Choice of shirt and trousers

Firstly, select a formal dress and refrain from wearing a salwar suit. The formal attire may consist of a white shirt paired with dark-colored trousers or a light-colored shirt with dark-colored trousers. For an ideal dress code for the MNS interview, refer to the following picture of Saumya Sharma, a student from Centurion Defence Academy who secured AIR 147 in the MNS 2023 exam. 


Wearing a tie

Additionally, you may opt to wear a tie based on your comfort level. If you feel comfortable with a tie, you can wear one; otherwise, you have the option to go without it at your discretion.

Prefer blazer

A blazer is also suitable attire, although not mandatory. If you choose to wear one, a blazer is preferred over a sweater. However, whether you wear a blazer or not is entirely up to you.

Wear a full-sleeved shirt

Ensure that you wear a full-sleeved shirt rather than a half-sleeved one. It is also recommended to avoid wearing watches or any type of metal ring or bracelet (such as a kada/kara) on your wrists.

Refrain from excessive makeup

Avoid excessive makeup and aim for decent makeup. Overdoing makeup is not considered good during an interview and it can harm your interview and how you present yourself.

Properly combed hair

It is your responsibility to ensure that your hair is properly combed. Many girls appear for interviews with their hair scattered along their foreheads, which reflects a lack of self-discipline and etiquette in presentation. Therefore, hair should be neatly combed, and it is advised to make a bun to avoid any distractions during the interview. Look at the below image for reference.


A pleasant smile 

A good presentation is key to getting a recommendation. Always wear a pleasant smile when appearing for an interview. Additionally, having a boy-type haircut is not a problem at all.

Well-ironed dress

Ensure that your dress is well-ironed and folded, keeping it in such a manner that it remains wrinkle-free. Also, take precautions to prevent your dress from wrinkling during transit by packing it properly in your bag.

Prefer black shoes

Wear black shoes with a pair of black socks and avoid sandals. Ensure that your toenails are not visible by wearing closed-toe shoes, preferably in black color.

Know about spectacles

If you wear spectacles due to medical reasons, it is acceptable; however, avoid wearing them for fashion purposes or to appear cool.

Avoid rings and necklaces

Do not wear rings, necklaces, or any other accessories. Excessive adornment suggests a stronger belief in material items rather than focusing on work and duty, so it’s best to avoid such accessories.

Avoid  flaunting religious symbols

Avoid religious symbols such as tilak or anything like this during the interview. While it’s important to respect your religion and its principles, it’s also necessary to adhere to interview protocols.

List of documents required for MNS SSC Interview:

Don’t forget to carry any required documents. Make sure your document-related file is prepared and ensure you have all the necessary documents, as many candidates who fail to carry proper documents face consequences later. I have observed that when students come to Centurion Defence Academy for mock interviews, they often neglect their presentation, which is a significant issue. Therefore, I advise you to check in front of a mirror to ensure you look presentable.

As per the notice published on the NTA website, the following documents will be required in original along with photocopies for the MNS SSC Interview. Additionally, all your original certificates will be returned after verification.

(i) Matriculation Certificate/School Leaving Certificate (indicating date of birth)

(ii) B Sc (N) /PB BSc(N)/ M Sc (N) passing certificate & mark lists.

(iii) Valid State Nursing Council Registration certificate (SRN/SRM) and additional qualification registration if any.

(iv) Score card issued by NTA

(v) NCC Certificate, if any

(vi) Character Certificate issued by a Gazetted Officer, Magistrate, Police

Officer, Principals of Schools/Colleges, Present employer if applicable.

(vii) Proof of Indian Nationality (Nationality/Domicile certificate/Voter ID/Passport/ any other proof)

(viii) Copy of Aadhaar Card

(ix) No Objection Certificate from the present employer, if employed.

(x) One self-addressed envelope with Rs 50/- postal stamp for speed-post of Appointment letter if selected.

(xi) Experience certificate if any.

(xii) Copy of release order if previously served in Military Nursing Service

(xiii) In case of a change of name, a copy of Gazette Notification/ Govt Issued

identity highlighting your new name.

(xiv) Affidavit with a copy of FIR in case of duplicate certificates

(xv) Coloured passport-size photographs: 10

If you are seeking guidance for MNS SSC interview preparation, Centurion Defence Academy stands out as the best platform for complete guidance for MNS interviews. To know more about our courses or if you have further questions, feel free to call us at +91 9795977776.

MNS SSC Interview

I wish you all the very best for your upcoming MNS SSC Interview!

By Sir Shishir Dixit

(The author is the Founder-Director and Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy. He is also an Air Force veteran and a scholar in professional psychology.)

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