30 Days Study Plan for NDA 1 2024 Exam By Team Centurion

30 Days Study Plan for NDA 1 2024 Exam By Team Centurion

With the NDA 1 2024 exam date coming closer, candidates have started sharpening their preparation. The objective of NDA aspirants at this moment is to level up their strategy to score good marks in the written exam. As per the official exam calendar, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will hold the NDA 1 2024 written exam on 21st April. Those who clear the NDA written exam will get the opportunity to take part in the SSB interview. But at this point, candidates are more engaged in devising plans on how to score well in the NDA written exam. To help them further, Centurion Defence Academy has come up with a 30-day study plan for NDA 1 2024 students. Read on to learn more about these tips to excel in your NDA written exam so that you can qualify easily for the SSB interview.

Make sure you have completed your syllabus:

The last few days before any exam are crucial for revision purposes. If you have completed your syllabus, now is the time to focus on revision. There are two papers for the NDA exam; Mathematics and GAT. The second paper, which is the GAT or General Ability Test, consists of an English section as well. We are confident you must have completed your syllabus by now; however, if you still need some time for the same, we would advise you not to spend more than a week.

Once you are done with the syllabus, make a time-bound plan to focus on the revision part. You can make a subject-wise revision plan or a revision plan according to sections, or as per important topics for the NDA exam. The crux is to put great emphasis on revision to perform better in the exam. By revision, we do not mean making changes or editing something. It simply means to recall or memorize important mathematical formulae, events, timelines, current affairs, certain grammatical rules, etc., to be able to answer the related questions in the exam properly.

Conceptual understanding vs memorizing facts:

Always remember that there is a difference between conceptual understanding and memorizing facts. Both are effective in the NDA exam preparation. To solve mathematical problems, you need to have a conceptual understanding of the topic. At the same time, if it requires the use of any formula, you should also be able to recall that formula during the exam time to solve the question aptly and accurately. So, maintain a balance between conceptual understanding of key topics and memorizing some important topics as well.

Conceptual understanding vs memorizing facts:

Understanding the exam pattern and marking scheme always comes first before starting preparation for any competitive exam. Every year lakhs of candidates sit in the national-level NDA exam to secure admission to the prestigious National Defence Academy. Their goal is to join the NDA and become officers in the Indian Armed Forces, be it the Army or Airforce or Navy.

Considering the tough competition in the NDA exam, candidates make strategic preparations. This strategic preparation begins with a proper understanding of the NDA exam pattern and marking scheme. In addition to this, cut-off analysis is also an important part of this plan.

So, if you already have such a strategic plan, adhere to it and follow the same in the actual exam scenario. However, if you have not made any analysis of the exam pattern, marking scheme, and cut-off marks for NDA written, you still have time to devise a systematic plan to enhance your NDA preparation.

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Don’t forget to practice and revise daily:

Practice and revision are the two important keys to success in the NDA written exam. As we have already discussed, there are just a few days left now for the NDA 1 2024 exam. Hence, candidates should focus on revision without wasting even a single minute. Some parts of the NDA exam require consistent practice, and it is the practice that fills the gap of revision. For instance, the English section needs practice. Except for a few grammatical rules, idioms & phrases, and vocabulary, the rest of the questions in the English section require practice. The more you practice, the easier it will become for you to solve English questions in the NDA written exam.

The same approach fits the NDA mathematics paper as well. Attempt as many questions as you can to grasp a better understanding of the key concepts. You can also practice mock tests and solve previous year’s questions to further enhance your preparation for the mathematics paper of the NDA exam. Plus, there are certain segments in the GAT paper, such as History, Geography, Civics, Current Affairs, and General Science. Most of the questions from these segments require recalling and memorizing the notes, and study materials. However, as we have pointed out above, conceptual understanding also plays a major role, so try to balance both in the last days of your NDA 1 2024 preparation.

Attempt NDA mock tests and previous year’s papers:

When the exam date approaches faster, mock tests always help consolidate the study plan and enhance the overall preparation. The mock tests are highly beneficial concerning the NDA written exam preparation. Attempting mock tests for NDA 1 2024 will help you with effective time management while also maintaining accuracy. Time and speed are the two important factors that determine the performance of candidates in the NDA exam. Thus, attempting mock tests is an ideal solution to tackle all these challenges.

At the same time, you can also look at the previous year’s questions to get a more comprehensive understanding of the difficulty level and the types of questions asked in the NDA written exam. Last but not very least, follow a balanced approach to NDA exam preparation. It means do not compromise your health and maintain consistency in your preparation. We hope these tips will help you ace NDA 1 2024 with confidence and ease.

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