Benefits of Joining NDA, Career Growth and Promotion

“I believe that a cadet must be loyal, truthful, trustworthy, honest, and forthright under all circumstances.” This line is an extract from the Honor Code of the National Defence Academy, which is known as the cradle of military leadership. Many young defence aspirants wish to join the National Defence Academy and realize their dream of serving the nation as officers. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits of joining NDA as well as the opportunities for career growth and promotion. Read on to learn more about the benefits you will get after joining the NDA.

After joining NDA, you will go through rigorous training which will make you self-confident, self-disciplined, physically fit, mentally strong, and intellectually enabled. At the National Defence Academy (NDA), Cadets of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces live and train together. This approach ensures the development of a broad understanding of the ethos, organization, capabilities, and limitations and how to operate as an integrated fighting force. Here are the benefits that you will get after joining NDA.

  • Prestigious career opportunity
  • Leadership development
  • Diverse and challenging training
  • Job security and financial stability
  • Opportunity to serve the nation
  • Access to advanced military education
  • Excellent healthcare and other benefits
  • Free education and training facilities
  • Travel and adventure opportunities
  • Skill development in various fields
  • Camaraderie and lifelong connections

Rigorous Training for Holistic Development:

Cadets undergo rigorous training at NDA, fostering self-confidence, discipline, physical fitness, mental strength, and intellectual abilities.

Joint Services Training:

The Academy emphasizes jointmanship among cadets from all three services—Army, Navy, and Air Force. This fosters camaraderie and a deep understanding of each service’s ethos, capabilities, and limitations, preparing them to function as an integrated force.

Major Activities and Training:

Cadets engage in a wide array of activities such as lectures, endurance training, navigation, combat training, survival skills, communication training, and participation in clubs for skill development.

Major Activities You Will Learn at NDA

  • Lecture Cum Demonstration
  • Endurance Training
  • Navigation Training
  • Display of Various Weapons and Equipment
  • Visits to Army Institutes/ Training Establishments
  • Firing of Cadets
  • Camp Torna
  • Radio Telephony
  • Survival Training
  • Field Craft Training
  • Combat Training
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • Demonstration of Assault on Enemy Bunker
  • Patrolling in Progress
  • Radio Telephony and Navigation Training
  • Cadets in Stand to During Camp Torna
  • NDA Shooting and Shoot to Kill
  • Joint Services Training Programme
  • Bonds for Life
  • Camp Fire
  • Camp Training
  • Communication Skills
  • First Aid Training
  • Learning Navigation With Compass
  • Map Reading and Navigation Training
  • Navigation Through the Woods and Mountains
  • Obstacle Training
  • Run Back: How is the Josh
  • Survival Training Igniting Fire
  • Survival Training: Shelter-Making
  • Survival Training: Six-Course Meal in the Jungle
  • Survival Training: Snares and Traps
  • Survival Training: Water the Lifeline
  • Survival Training: Taming the Cobra

Premium on Passing Out of NDA

After completing their training and passing out from the National Defence Academy, the Army Cadets go to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, and the Naval Cadets go to the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala (Kerala). On the other hand, the Air Force cadets and Ground Duty-Non Tech streams go to the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad and the Air Force cadets of Ground Duty Tech stream go to the Air Force Technical College, Bengaluru. After passing out of NDA, cadets go to their respective training academies for specialized training. During the tenure of specialized training, cadets start earning a stipend even before being commissioned into the armed forces as officers. For instance, those cadets who go to IMA Dehradun get a fixed stipend of approximately Rs 56,100 per month during their period at IMA. After getting commissioned, they are also entitled to various allowances as given below.

  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Counter Insurgency Allowance
  • Siachen Allowance
  • Uniform allowance
  • Ration in Kind
  • Transport Allowance
  • Children Education Allowance
  • Hostel Subsidy

Architectural Significance at NDA

NDA boasts remarkable architectural landmarks like the Sudan Block, the Hut of Remembrance, Habibullah Hall, and the Ashoka Pillar, each carrying historical significance and contributing to the academy’s serene environment.

Educational Opportunities:

Cadets pursue Bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines including B.A., B.Sc., and B.Tech., gaining a well-rounded education. The curriculum includes cross-streaming, enabling exposure to diverse subjects.

Facilities and Amenities:

NDA provides free accommodation, messing, necessary uniforms, equipment, academic books, and stationery. The academy ensures a comfortable living and learning environment for cadets.

Scholarships and Financial Support:

Multiple scholarships are available to cadets from different states/territories, offering financial aid. Moreover, insurance coverage through the Army Group Insurance Fund Scheme ensures financial security during training. Apart from state-sponsored scholarships, the following are some additional scholarship assistance for cadets at NDA.

(i) Biharilal Mandakini Cash Prize

(ii) Col Kendall Frank’s Memorial Scholarship

(iii) Sir Parshuram Bhau Patwardhan Scholarship

(iv) Fg Offr DV Pintoo Memorial Scholarship

(v) Major V Damale Memorial Scholarship

(vi) Smt Vijaya Rajagopalan Scholarship

Besides, there are various indoor and outdoor clubs at NDA where you can learn various skills and gain knowledge.

Degrees and Certificates

Cadets at NDA also receive graduation degrees after completion of their course. They receive a Bachelor’s degree either in BA, B.Sc, or B.Tech. based on their streams and service choices. The Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) offers the degree to cadets getting training at NDA. In addition to this, the B.Tech degree offered by NDA is recognized and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Free Clothing, Equipment, Books, Stationery, Accommodation and Messing

On arrival at the National Defence Academy, cadets get all the necessary uniforms and equipment free of charge. Besides, they are also provided with free academic books and stationery at the commencement of each semester. Furthermore, all cadets get free accommodation, free messing, and allied services, including electricity, water, conservancy, and laundry facilities. However, there is a minimum amount that candidates need to deposit initially for insurance, pocket money, and some miscellaneous purposes. The remaining expenses are borne by the government.

Army Group Insurance Fund Scheme for Cadets at NDA

During their stay at the National Defence Academy, all cadets whether they are from Army, Naval, or Air Force wings are covered under the Group Insurance Fund Scheme. As per the official notification issued by the UPSC for the NDA exam, a sum of rupees 15 Lacs is assured for the death of a cadet due to any reason, while under training at the Academy. Apart from this, a maximum of rupees 15 Lacs is payable for 100% disability of a cadet.


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