How to Prepare for NDA after the 10th?

Preparing for NDA after the 10th requires dedication, consistency, and a balance between academic and personality profiles. Many young defence aspirants have this question as to how they can prepare for NDA after completing high school. In this article, we will explore in detail all the key strategies and plans that NDA aspirants should follow before starting their preparation. Joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) and becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces is a dream of many youngsters. As a result, there is immense competition to secure a seat at the prestigious defence academy of our country. Thus, we recommend that you follow all the points discussed below to better understand the right approach to preparing for the NDA after the 10th.

Important Points to Consider Before Starting NDA Preparation

  • Mind makeup is one of the most important points to consider before you start NDA preparation. Since the competition level to join the NDA is very high, you should devote sufficient time to prepare for your defence dream.
  • You must also be committed to being consistent throughout your preparation. This kind of goal-setting and spirit of dedication will help keep you motivated and passionate about joining the National Defence Academy.
  • Another important point is that since you are starting your NDA preparation after 10th, you will have two years to prepare for the NDA exam because the minimum educational qualification to appear for NDA is either 12th appearing or passed.
  • NDA provides a golden career opportunity. It is also the most meaningful undergraduate program for those who love the military lifestyle. When you start preparing for this exam right after the 10th, you will have more attempts available until you reach the maximum age limit.

Effective Tips to Prepare for NDA after the 10th:

  • Make a strategic plan to handle both school and NDA preparation
  • Never compromise with your school exams and prioritize them
  • Focus on your 11th and 12th subjects, specifically math
  • Explore the NDA syllabus and exam pattern simultaneously
  • Attempt previous years’ NDA papers for a better understanding
  • Take a self-assessment test to know your strong and weak areas
  • Develop your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Participate in sports and other extracurricular activities
  • Develop a habit of reading an English newspaper daily
  • Learn to take responsibility at home and school
  • Make yourself feel comfortable in group talks
  • Participate in quiz competitions and group discussions
  • Focus on your physical fitness through regular exercise
  • Go through the 15 Officer-Like Qualities (OLQs)
  • Ensure to inculcate these OLQs into your personality

Consider Joining an NDA Foundation Course:

If you need the right mentorship and quality guidance for NDA preparation after 10th, you may consider opting for an NDA foundation course. Such foundation programs for the NDA exam teach and train young students in such a way that students can manage both school-level exams and NDA preparation altogether. Centurion Defence Academy provides the best NDA foundation course, in which highly trained and well-qualified teachers guide students for outstanding performance in both academic and personality development spheres. Through its NDA foundation program, Centurion Defence Academy prepares students as per the selection parameters of the Indian Armed Forces.

Read the NDA official notification thoroughly:

Download the NDA official notification PDF of any year from the UPSC website. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the exam-conducting body responsible for organizing the NDA written exam all over India. Subsequently, the UPSC also declares the NDA written results and the final results after the completion of the SSB interviews. Now you might be thinking about the SSB interview. After you clear the NDA written exam, a personality test or interview is held at various Services Selection Boards (SSBs) across India. The SSBs come under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. By reading the NDA official notification thoroughly, you can learn in detail about all the aspects of the NDA exam.

Understand the NDA Selection Process

  • Since the National Defence Academy is a tri-service academy, it offers the opportunity to join either the Army wing, the Air Force wing or the Naval wing. It is important to note that after the selection for the NDA, candidates of all three wings are trained together at the National Defence Academy.
  • The NDA selection process consists of three main stages; the written stage, the SSB interview round, and the medical exam. After the declaration of the NDA written results, the qualified candidates are called for the SSB interview. Those who qualify for the SSB interview and get a recommendation are tested further for medical exams.
  • So, if a candidate has given his preference to join the Army wing, he will appear for the Services Selection Board (SSB) interview. A candidate with a preference to join the Air Force wing will appear for the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) interview.
  • Similarly, candidates with a preference for the Navy will appear for the Naval Selection Board (NSB) interview. Although there is a difference in the names of the interview boards as per different wings, candidates popularly call all the personality tests as SSB interviews.
  • Considering the tough selection process for the NDA, candidates should focus on all aspects. Besides following a systematic study plan for the written exam, they should also focus on their physical fitness, mental alertness, and overall personality development.

Want to know more about the National Defence Academy?

Go through the official website of the National Defence Academy to understand the importance and significance of this prestigious defence academy in detail. Simultaneously, you can also visit the official YouTube channel of Centurion Defence Academy, which is the best NDA coaching in India, securing the highest selection rate in the NDA. On Centurion’s official YouTube channel, you will get numerous videos related to NDA, its syllabus, exam pattern, preparation strategy, and many success stories shared by students who have cleared the NDA exam successfully.

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