Last 21 Days Preparation Tips for NDA 1 2024 Exam

Are you appearing in the upcoming NDA 1 2024 Exam? I’m sure you must be planning to give your best in NDA on 21st April. To help you solidify your planning, Centurion Defence Academy has prepared some must-follow tips for the NDA 1 2024 written exam. These last 21 days tips for NDA preparation are highly effective in boosting your NDA written score. In addition to this, our solid preparation tips for NDA 1 2024 will also help you learn what to study in the last days, what the revision plan should be, and what you should avoid when the exam date is very close.

Must-follow Tips for the Last 21 Days of the NDA 1 2024 Exam

Know your strengths first

Since there is a time restriction, you should invest your quality time in selective preparation. By selective preparation, we mean you should know your strong and weak areas to ascertain which topics need more attention.

Go through the previous year’s papers

If you are serious about your NDA preparation, you should never miscalculate the importance of solving the previous year’s papers. The PYQs are also an integral part of the NDA revision plan to score adequate marks in the written exam.

Attempt time-bound mock tests

To test your speed and accuracy in the NDA written exam, you should attempt as many time-bound mock tests as possible. Also, make sure you complete each mock test within the stipulated time as per the NDA exam pattern.

Time to analyze your weak areas

Besides attempting mock tests, you should also allocate time for the assessment of your test report or you should make a self-analysis of your performance after each mock test attempt. This will help you know your weak areas that need more attention. Consequently, you can also assess whether they are scoring from your point of view.

Plan for Mathematics

Mathematics is an important subject in the NDA written exam, and it is also a scoring subject provided you have done adequate practice of the most commonly asked topics. Make sure you go through NDA mathematics PYQs and also revise your notes, formulae, and other important concepts to score well in the exam.

English is a scoring part

To score well in the NDA English section, the previous year’s papers are again the best choice. When you solve previously asked questions, you will get to know the types of questions asked and the difficulty level of questions. By doing so, you can enhance your general understanding of the NDA English section and improve your overall preparation.

For Part ‘B’ of the NDA GAT paper

  • In Part ‘B’ of the NDA GAT paper, physics carries a high weightage. To know more about the importance of other subjects in GAT paper from the perspective of marks they carry, we recommend you analyze the NDA official syllabus. 
  • Similarly, you can plan for chemistry and biology as mostly fact-based and statement-type questions are asked from these subjects. In addition to this, history and polity are equally important if you want to score high.
  • Furthermore, current affairs are incidental, hence, if you have prepared notes on current affairs, you can revise them, or you may also skip this topic based on your command of other topics. But if you cover current affairs, they will not only help in the written exam but also in the SSB interview.

Revision is a must for NDA

Always give revision priorities. Revision is a must for NDA to perform well in the exam. Make a systematic plan and allocate a specific amount of time to revise your notes and study materials. You may also design your revision plan based on topic-wise revision. Whatever you have learned and prepared for NDA to date, make sure to revisit them well before the actual exam.

Some miscellaneous tips

If you want further tips on NDA written, we recommend you refer to Topper’s strategies. You may find several videos on the same on the official YouTube channel of Centurion Defence Academy, where many NDA toppers have shared their plans and strategies for the NDA written exam.

For the NDA 1 2024 exam, the admit card will be released 7 days before the exam date. Once you get your admit card, read all the given instructions carefully and follow them rigorously. Plus, your health is equally important, therefore, pay equal attention to your health. Your hard work and efforts will pay off.

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