NDA Preparation 2023

NDA Preparation 2023 – Check Tricks and Strategy

NDA Preparation 2023 – Check How To Prepare for NDA With Top Tricks and Right Strategy

NDA Preparation 2023

National Defence Academy (NDA) Examination is the most awaited and opportunity-grabbing exam for numerous Aspirants preparing for Defence Exams. Serving in any Indian Defence force is the dream of many students. Those who always bring a passion to be a Soldier, begin their journey from school days or before qualifying for Intermediate.

But numerous aspirants attain this dream after 12th, they have to start their preparation from then and here comes various queries regarding to NDA Preparation. How to do that in such less time? From where I’ve to start? What strategies I use to make?….and so on.

So here came Centurion Defence Academy, which bring courage and build responsibility to provide study plans, free study materials, exam cracking roadmap, expertise from Winners, and most importantly ‘take care of every Student’. Everyone is welcome here to grab knowledge and information from our Experts.

So let’s take a look to the best NDA Preparation 2023 tricks and strategies. Everyone has their study plan and strategies to follow, but here we listed tips which came from Top rankers and Ex-Defence officers or Selection Board Experts. Before discussing such golden strategies, you’ve to make clear some basics of NDA Examination.

About NDA Examination

NDA(National Defence Academy) is a National level Defence examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) twice every year. Aspirants preparing for Defence Services in  Army, Navy and Air Force can take part in the examination. It’s a two step process –

  1. Offline Written Test
  2. Personality test or SSB Interview

Initially, women are not allowed to take part in NDA Examination but on 18 August 2021, Supreme Court issued an Interim Order to allow women to appear in UPSC NDA Examination. If talking about current situation, both men and women can appear in exam and got equal opportunity to serve in Defence Services.

Recently, on 21st December 2022 UPSC released NDA I 2023 Notification for aspirants preparing for Defence Exams. The registration will open till 10th January 2023 and exam will be conducted on 16th April 2023.

To check further details of Examination, you can go through UPSC official website and download the NDA 2023 Exam Notification directly.

NDA Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before learning tricks and strategies, candidate should have a proper knowledge of the NDA Exam Pattern and what is the syllabus of written exam. The written exam contains mainly 2 parts which are – Mathematics and GAT (General Ability Test). Here is a brief of the Exam Pattern –

Subject Number of Questions Duration of Exam Maximum Marks
Mathematics 120 2.5 Hours 300
GAT 150 2.5  Hours 600
Total 270 900

In case of GAT (General Ability Test) the section is further divided in 2 parts-

  1. English
  2. General Awareness

The English section carry weightage of 200 Marks, on the other hand, General Awareness section contains 400 marks of Questions. If we talk about the syllabus and topics of every subject in brief, then it covers –

Subject Topics
English   Reading Comprehension, Synonyms-Antonyms, Spotting errors, Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases, etc.
Mathematics  Matrices and Determinants, Sets, Venn Diagram, Trigonometry, 2D and 3D Geometry, Differential calculus, etc.
General Knowledge History, Chemistry, Current Affairs, Art and Culture, Physics, Chemistry, Basic Science, etc.

This is the basic description of topics every subject should contain in Examination. Candidates preparing for written exam should check the detailed syllabus from NDA 2023 official Notification and begin their learning journey with a great spark. But before dawning in the sea of books and Syllabus, you’ve to do a warm-up. A warm-up to make strategies which will crack your How and When?

Strategies for NDA Preparation

So let’s discuss some golden Strategies you should make before preparing for NDA Examination.

  • Make a Study Plan :

Read full syllabus, grab a plane Notebook and start writing your study plan. Write number of hours per day you give to every subject, write weekly & monthly targets, give yourself tests and further more.

  • Collect Study Material :

Don’t make a heap of books. Research it on Google, consult with your mentors or experts and choose good & definite books wisely.

  • Don’t forget NCERT :

NCERT is the golden key amomg all study materials in NDA Preparation. It works to clear your basics which need to be very perfect.

  • Write what you learn :

Don’t just read and forget, it’s the biggest mistake. Write what you learn after reading. It make concepts more clear, because writing on paper seems equal as writing on Memory.

  • Create your own Notes :

Bring a separate Notebook for every subject. After testing yourself through writing, make clear notes of everything you learn in your language.

  • Test yourself weekly :

What you learn or covers in 1 week, is need to be tested. Make a test for yourself from PYQ of topics you covered weekly.

  • Never End your preparation :

Completing syllabus once, doesn’t mean you’re ready. After completing, begin it again. Brain needs to recall anything to make it permanently stored.

  • Solve Previous Year Papers :

It’s obvious to solve them, but it will be great if you analyse them. Solve as much as possible and make topics summary which examiner cover maximum time.

Tricks for NDA Preparation

  • Though learning Grammar is necessary, but add some extra efforts for English. Start conversations in English with your friend, or any family member even they are not following the same.
  • Learning Antonyms & Synonyms is a great mess for students. To crack this, start reading English Newspaper on daily basis, example- The Hindu, The Times of India etc.
  • SSB Interview seems tough. To overcome this start preparing for it from day one, when you’re preparing for exam.
  • Add Yoga, Breathing Exercises and Jogging on your daily routine. It will help you when preparing for SSB after few months.
  • Make study notes in your own language. No matter how you write them, just make it cover everything & based on your understanding.
  • Don’t go extra deep in any topic. Cover its basics and important parts.
  • Keep tracking previous year questions. This helps you to practice, even noticing examiner’s targeted topics.

Things to Avoid for NDA Preparation

Aspirants generally focused on positive factors and numerous strategies to crack NDA Examination and SSB Interview, but never forget the negative things you should avoid while preparing for any Defence Exam.

  • Avoid to load the Heap or dozens of Books for preparation. Burden of books could distract you and make you under pressure.
  • Avoid the fear of crowd competition. It’s good to analyse your competition but don’t make it demotivate you.
  • Avoid over-exercise. You’re not going for Wrestling Competition, it’s just a physical test. Target to Make your body fit, not muscular.
  • Avoid Dis-balanced Diet from day one. Don’t let it go, your health is an important factor which make you clear SSB physical test.
  • Avoid making paper notes. Bring a neat and clean notebook for every subject.
  • Avoid to copy others tactics. You know yourself best, no-one can make a study for you, make its your own and follow it Wisely.

Overall, these are some basic strategies and tricks one should follow to get to the success road. Remember one thing, if you want to be a Soldier you need to be Disciplined and well Focused. You’ve to be prepare and think like an Officer from day one you start the preparation.

You can further check numerous articles based on SSB Interview, under guidance of Ex-Defence Officers and Ex-Selection Board EXPERTS. Centurion Defence Academy further provide some Selected Books contains basics and easy explanation of every syllabus topic.

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