What to choose between NDA and IIT-Which one is better?

In a rapidly evolving world with a huge chunk of demanding career opportunities, choosing the right one is no longer a cakewalk. Many young students often find themselves confused about what to choose between NDA and IIT and which one is better. When we talk about future opportunities after the 12th, both NDA and IIT offer lucrative career options to lead a promising life with multiple advancements. However, the choice between the two varies from individual to individual. Further, it also depends on the mental disposition of a student as to what kind of life he or she wants to live. In this article, Centurion Defence Academy will help you choose the best career option between NDA and IIT. We will cover all the details that you are looking for. Let us now see which one is better between IIT and NDA.

Understand the Different Between NDA and IIT in 4 Points

Before we discuss the differences between IIT and NDA in detail, let us take a quick overview of the differences between the two. Both the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) play specific and critical roles in India’s holistic development. NDA graduates serve as defenders of the nation by using scientific armaments and technology developed by engineers and scientists primarily from DRDO and ISRO, many of whom are IIT graduates. However, these scientists, engineers, and others employed in various multinational corporations can safely conduct their work because of the protection offered by NDA graduates, who are not only securing their premises but the whole country from external threats.

Therefore, first and foremost, there shouldn’t be a comparison, as both institutions complement each other and effectively fulfill their distinct roles. Nonetheless, comparing them is essential to aiding young students in deciding their preferred path for the future. The below points will help you grasp a better understanding of what these two courses are about and how they are different from each other.

First Point of Difference:

NDA stands for National Defence Academy, and for granting admission to this prestigious academy, which is located in Khadakwasla, Pune, a national-level exam is conducted by the UPSC. On the other hand, IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology, which is a group of prestigious engineering colleges across India, and to gain admission to these colleges, one has to crack the JEE Advanced exam.

Second Point of Difference:

NDA is known as the cradle of military leadership as it has been producing several brave officers of the Indian Armed Forces since its inception in 1954. Various armed forces officers, including serving Lieutenants, Majors, Colonels, Brigadiers, Major Generals, Squadron Leaders, Wing Commanders, and Commodores, as well as the chief officers of the Indian Armed Forces, have been alumni of the National Defence Academy. On the other hand, IITs are known for producing highly competent engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and scientists. In fact, various alumni of these prestigious engineering colleges, like IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, and IIT Roorkee, have either established their successful businesses or are now serving as the CEOs of various leading MNCs across the world.

Third Point of Difference:

If we sideline a few exceptions, there is no doubt that you earn a handsome salary and get all the perks and benefits at both places. However, a few points are crucial here, like job security, social status, job profile, and retirement plans, and these points are enough to differentiate the lifestyle of an NDA graduate and an IIT graduate. When you join the NDA and complete your required academics and training, you get a permanent commission and various other allowances that are not even applicable to an IIT graduate. Further, the social status that the officers of the armed forces enjoy is incomparable. Plus, there are various post-retirement benefits, including pensions. On the other hand, an IIT graduate, if placed at a top MNC, not only enjoys a high salary but also various monetary benefits.

Fourth Point of Difference:

A candidate graduating from the National Defence Academy is bound to serve the armed forces. At NDA, there is nothing like campus placement and all that IITs organize for their students. Further, leaving NDA voluntarily, either during training or even after training, is a herculean task, and more precisely, it is rare and will cost you heavily. On the other hand, IITs do not bind their graduates and allow them to work anywhere they wish. Also, there are campus placement drives to introduce them to various promising career opportunities.

Who should choose NDA?

If you prioritize the pride of the nation, hold a strong sense of patriotism, aspire to lead an adventurous life, value the unity and integrity of the nation, possess leadership qualities, embrace the military lifestyle, and seek social prestige above all else, then selecting the NDA as your career option is a fitting choice. If your mindset aligns with any of these characteristics, choosing NDA should be your primary consideration without hesitation.

Who should choose IIT?

If your primary focus is on innovations and technological advancements aimed at enhancing convenience and improving quality of life, if you prioritize a high salary package and seek a peaceful working environment, if entrepreneurship, business, economic growth, and maintaining stability in both personal and professional life are your priorities, then opting for IIT is recommended. If you resonate with any of these aspects, considering IIT to pursue your dreams would be a thoughtful decision.

NDA vs IIT – Conclusion:

By stating that those who opt for NDA are more patriotic, we do not imply that individuals who choose IIT are less patriotic or do not value the unity and integrity of the nation. Likewise, by suggesting that those who prefer IIT prioritize innovations, advancements, and economic growth, we do not intend to imply that those selecting NDA disregard such elements. It is simply to differentiate between the priorities of NDA and IIT and align with the thoughts that resonate with particular types of individuals.

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