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Best SSB GTO Ground – India’s Largest GTO Ground

Centurion Defence Academy has achieved a new milestone in defence coaching with the establishment of India’s largest GTO ground for SSB preparation. With excellence in academics and having the highest selection rates in defence forces, Centurion Defence Academy has now become capable of fostering defence aspirants with every aspect of the SSB GTO. Whether it’s NDA, CDS, AFCAT, or any other defence exam, the SSB has equal importance as the written exam has. Centurion’s SSB GTO ground is expanded across 4 acres having advanced training facilities for all the individual obstacles of the Group Testing Officer – GTO Tasks.

Best GTO ground for SSB Preparation

The full-length SSB GTO ground of Centurion Defence Academy covers 165+ obstacles where candidates get an actual glimpse of the SSB Group Obstacles under the proper guidance of professionals and ex-officers of the Indian Armed Forces. With a long-running track for race and physical stamina, Centurion’s Services Selection Board – SSB GTO Ground is a replica of actual SSB covering PGT, HGT, FGT, CT, and every individual as well as group obstacle which is there in the GTO Tasks. Let’s have a look at the salient features of India’s largest GTO ground.

  • – Full-length Ground
  • – 165+ Obstacles
  • – Replica of All SSB’s Across India
  • – Multiple PGT, HGT, FGT, CT, Structures
  • – All IO’s of Army, Navy, & Airforce
  • – Complete Snake Race Exposure
  • – Running Track

Aspirants preparing for the SSB Interview can enroll themselves with Centurion’s SSB Course to get quality training under the guidance of ex-officers and professionals on India’s largest SSB GTO ground. Registration link and contact details for the same are provided in the below parts.

Talking specifically about the SSB Interview, it’s a 5-day long assessment procedure that consists of various tests including Screening, OIR, GTO Tasks, Psychological Tests, and Conference, etc. Out of all these activities, the Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks) are of vital importance to check the candidate’s performance as an individual and as a team player. GTO Tasks help in the comprehensive assessment of an aspirant’s compatibility and physical endurance to comply with the working procedures of the Indian Armed Forces. During the 5-day long SSB Interview procedure, on days 3 & 4, nine GTO Tasks are conducted to check the suitability of the candidates and the presence of officers’ like qualities. These nine tasks are as follows:

  1. 1- Group Discussion (GD)
Group Disussion
  1. 2- GPE or MPE Group/Military Planning Exercise
GPE or MPE Group/Military Plannin
  1. 3- Progressive Group Task (PGT)
Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  1. 4- Snake Race
Snake Race
  1. 5- Lecturette
  1. 6- Half Group Task (HGT)
Half Group Task (HGT)
  1. 7- Individual Obstacles
Individual Obstacles
  1. 8- Command Task
Command Task
  1. 9- Final Group Task (FGT)
Final Group Task (FGT)

Group Tasks Training Facilities at Centurion’s Largest SSB GTO Ground

Progressive Group Task (PGT):

PGT is an activity in which team members must pass a series of obstacles in the ground in a specific area while adhering to a set of regulations. The G.T.O. provides some assistance in crossing those obstacles, such as Balli (wooden plank), Plank, and rope to bind them together. The activity becomes more difficult as you progress from one obstacle to the next, that’s why it’s called a Progressive Group Task. We provide proper ground and adequate material for the best training you can have in the country to provide you a real exposure for Progressive Group Task.

Snake Race:

Snake Race, also known as Group Obstacle Race (GOR), is an exciting and thrilling component of the group test. It’s interesting since it appears to be like fighting a war with other individuals. All of the teams must compete in a race through a series of six obstacles while dragging a snake-like rolled-up tent. At any given time, a maximum of four groups can participate. Each of the four teams is given a channel. Our experts will provide you with the necessary training to tackle the snake race.

Half Group Task (HGT):

After the PGT, the HGT (Half Group Task) is performed. HGT is similar to PGT with the exception that the group is split into two units. If your group has a total of ten people, it will be divided into 5 of two units.  As a result, the GTO will be able to assess the candidates’ performance more attentively. For this, the rules are the same as for PGT. It’s also a leaderless exercise. The HGT is the most significant task among the GTO Outdoor activities. Because of the existence of outstanding candidates in his group, some of the candidates may have acquired the role of a leader after the GD and PGT, and others of the candidates may not have been able to explain themselves or put forth their opinions.

Individual Obstacles:

Individual Obstacle is a crucial stage in which candidates must demonstrate their physical fitness and time management skills. It is commonly conducted on the second day of SSB, although it can also be done on the third day, depending on the assessment schedule and environmental conditions. In this obstacle, the GTO will first brief the candidates by showing them each obstacle and explaining what they would do. There will be a total of ten obstacles that must be completed in three minutes. Obstacles will be numbered from 1 to 10, with the number of obstacles indicating the number of points you will obtain if you pass the task successfully. The following is a list of all ten obstacles that are to be completed individually.

List of 10 Individual Obstacles:

  1. Single Ramp
  1. Double Barrel
  1. Balancing Beam
  1. Screen Jump
  1. Burma Bridge
  1. Tarzan Swing
  1. Double Platform Jump
  1. Double Ditch
  1. Commando Walk
  1. Tiger Leap

Command Task:

The Command Task is one of the most intriguing and essential GTO Tasks because it is not a leaderless exercise like the others. You are the commander in this test, and you must complete the allocated task within the specified time. Here, the GTO will test the candidates’ ability to command, and depending on their performance, GTO assigns each one a task. He also assesses the candidate’s capacity to operate under pressure by constantly raising the level of difficulty. The GTO undertakes this task to challenge some of his previous ideas about a candidate and to get to know each one in-depth.

Final Group Task (FGT):

Final Group Task is the last task in the series of Ground Tasks, and it requires applicants who did not perform well in PGT/HGT/CT to demonstrate their efforts to improve in the FGT. Despite the fact that this is the final task in the SSB GTO, the Officer will take account of the candidate’s performance in prior tasks and choose them accordingly. As a result, it is also the candidates’ final opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. As a result, candidates should embrace this opportunity to demonstrate their leadership abilities. The SSB GTO Ground at Centurion is fully equipped to assist applicants in enhancing their abilities to perform effectively in FGT and other tasks.

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