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Although offline SSB coaching is a judicious choice, online SSB coaching has also gained popularity due to its convenience, accessibility, and effectiveness in preparing candidates for the rigorous SSB selection process. SSB online coaching classes offer several advantages, making them a suitable option for aspirants to join the armed forces. In this article, we will focus on Centurion Defence Academy, which provides the best SSB online classes and has been giving record SSB recommendations for the last many years. Here you will get to know why Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB online coaching in India.

Small Size of Batches Consisting of 12-15 Students

In its attempt to make SSB classes accessible online, Centurion Defence Academy provides a 14-day online SSB guidance program. There are small batches, each consisting of 12–15 students so that each student can get equal attention from mentors.

Individual Guidance and Personalized Feedback

Providing individual guidance and personalized feedback has been the motto of the Centurion Defence Academy. Our assessors make an exhaustive analysis of a candidate’s personality profile and provide him or her with personalized feedback for making necessary improvements. By adhering to this motto, Centurion Defence Academy has given record SSB recommendations for all the entries, be it NDA, CDS, AFCAT, 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme, 10+2 B.Tech. Cadet Entry Scheme, TGC Entry, or any other officer-cadre entry of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, or Indian Navy.

Conceptual Clarity for All Aspects of the SSB Interview

Centurion Defence Academy ensures that students receive conceptual clarity for all aspects of the SSB interview through an online training program. It includes providing holistic guidance about the screening process, psychological tests, GTO sessions, and personal interviews, among others.

Conduct of Personal Interview for All SSB Aspirants

In the 14-Day Online SSB Guidance Program, students also get opportunities to appear in a personal interview and interact with the interviewing officer. There is a proper lesson plan to facilitate students with mock interview sessions and enhance their confidence.

Holistic and Interactive Classes by Qualified Mentors

Centurion Defence Academy has a well-qualified team of psychologists, interviewing officers, GTOs, and other assessors. Many of them possess decades of experience serving in the armed forces and provide comprehensive guidance to aspiring students.

Focus on Emotional Intelligence and Perceptual Clarity

Through its interactive online classes for SSB interview preparation, Centurion Defence Academy emphasizes developing the emotional intelligence and perceptual clarity of students. This is because such personality development traits are highly effective not only during PP&DT and TAT but also at the time of the personal interview.

Object Recognition & Experimental Psychology Sessions

At Centurion Defence Academy, Sir Shishir Dixit, who is the Chief SSB Mentor, takes psychology sessions and guides students across every dimension of the psychological tests, whether it is TAT, WAT, SRT, or SDT. He also guides students on how to write effective PP&DT stories and how important the selection of the hero and his needs are. With his prolific expertise in profile mapping, he strengthens the personality traits of every student individually so that they can find it easy to recognize heroes in PP&DT and TAT and frame good stories accordingly.

Numerous Perception-Based Stories for PP&DT and TAT

One of the specifications of Centurion’s online SSB class is that here students get numerous perception-based stories for both PP&DT and TAT. This approach provides them with an edge over their competitors. A detailed analysis of several stories on different perceptions helps students make improvements in their stories and clear the selection process with ease.

Focus on Case Studies for WAT, SRT, and SDT (Psych)

Centurion’s mentors follow a unique approach in which students get to learn from several case studies of recommended candidates. The focus on case studies enables students to learn from the stories and responses of previously recommended candidates for various entries. This is particularly helpful in psychology tests, where new students often face challenges while attempting to solve WAT, SRT, and SDT.

Access to “Ranneeti” SSB Book Written by Shishir Dixit Sir

In our 14-day online SSB coaching, students preparing for the SSB interview get access to the “Ranneeti” book by Sir Shishir Dixit. “Ranneeti” is the best SSB book for holistic preparation for the SSB interview. It features various perception-based stories for tests like PP&DT and TAT and case studies for various psychological tests. Besides, it has complete coverage for all aspects of the SSB interview, be it screening, psych, GTO, or personal interview.

Focus on Profile Mapping and Personality Development

Centurion Defence Academy strongly focuses on the individual profile mapping of each candidate, which is overseen by Chief SSB Mentor Sir Shishir Dixit himself. Centurion Defence Academy fosters the holistic development of each student through his or her detailed profile mapping by not only recognizing but also refining his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Recognition and Enhancement of Individual Strengths

Through its online SSB coaching, Centurion Defence Academy focuses on identifying and reinforcing the inherent strengths of students. This involves recognizing qualities such as leadership, communication skills, decision-making abilities, adaptability, team spirit, and other desirable personality traits to become an officer in the armed forces.

Identification and Refinement of Individual Weaknesses

Not only the reinforcement of strengths but also improving weaknesses is crucial for SSB. Centurion Defence Academy provides personalized guidance to identify and address weaknesses in various aspects. It includes communication gaps, lack of confidence, and time management issues. This involves mock interviews, group discussions, and psychological assessments to strengthen the weak areas of a student.

Imparting Desirable Military Attitude & Servant Leadership

In its 14-day online SSB program, Centurion Defence Academy aims to instill qualities aligned with ethos such as discipline, integrity, and commitment. Above all, a student at Centurion Defence Academy is also trained to inculcate the principles of servant leadership, such as empathy, humility, proper coordination with teams and subordinates, and a focus on selfless service to the nation.


Centurion’s Online SSB Course Curriculum

The online SSB course by Centurion Defence Academy provides complete coverage for the preparation of all the tests in the SSB interview. Let us see how Centurion’s 14-day online SSB course will help you excel.

OIR Test14
Full-fledged PP&DT Practices4
Psych (TAT, WAT, SRT, SDT)5
Psych Full Length Dossier Test3 sessions (including 1 Individual Debrief session)
Personal Interview Techniques4
Personal Mock Interview2
Lecturette and Practice Sessions (Indoor GTO)4
Group Planning Exercise (GPE)4
Insight into Outdoor GTO Activities3
Spoken English and Personality Development14
Interaction with Recommended Students2-8
OLQs and Military Attitude1
PIQ Form Filling Session1
General and Military Awareness10
Psychological Individual Debrief and Profile Mapping1
Mock Conference Experience / Feedback1

Join through the Centurion Digital Platform

Centurion Defence Academy offers you an orientation class, sessions on OIR and PP&DT, case-based guidance for Psych (TAT, WAT, SRT, and SDT), an emphasis on GTO tasks, classes on group planning exercises (GPE), and personal interview techniques through PIQ analysis. SSB aspirants who wish to enroll in our 14-Day Online SSB Guidance Program can join us through the Centurion Digital Platform. You can easily access the Centurion Digital app from the Google Play Store. Join us and be a part of Centurion’s prestigious Mountain of Selection!

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