Current Affairs GD Topics for SSB Interview 2023

In the context of the recruitment of officers in the armed forces, knowledge and understanding of current affairs are of vital importance. In order to help defence aspirants prepare well, Centurion Defence Academy has come up with the latest current affairs GD topics for SSB interview 2023. When we talk about current affairs GD topics, we consider a number of events that take place around the globe and influence various aspects of international relations. The economy, business, strategic partnerships, seminars, alliances, agreements, and defence are all integral components of current affairs.

When defence aspirants appear in the SSB interview, they face tasks like lecturette, group discussion and personal interview, which include a substantial portion of current affairs. It might be possible that the topics in lecturette and group discussions are based on current affairs. Besides, the interviewing officer might discuss some ongoing key issues during the personal interview round. So, from this point of view, it is essential to go through the current affairs GD topics for the SSB interview. Let us now see what are the latest current affairs topics for lecturette, group discussion and personal interview.


Why should I focus on current affairs for the SSB interview?


Recently, many candidates appeared in the NDA 2 2023 and CDS 2 2023 written exams on 3rd September 2023. After the declaration of the written results, the qualified candidates will appear for the SSB interview. The entire SSB interview process takes around 5 days to complete and sort out the eligible candidates for recommendation. Moreover, there are a number of assessments in the entire SSB process, such as the screening round, psychology tests, GTO tasks, and the personal interview round. In a nutshell, each assessment evaluates your knowledge and understanding of current affairs in order to check how updated you are with regard to the current events happening around you.


Among the major tasks in the SSB interview, the GTO tasks and personal interview carry a high weightage of current affairs. Many times, GTO tasks like lecturette and group discussions may revolve around some prevailing current affairs topics. So, think of it: how will you present your lecturette task, and how will you take part in group discussion when you are not aware of current affairs? Thus, it is imperative to focus on current affairs for excellent performance in different aspects of the SSB interview. Moving ahead, let us now check what are the important current affairs topics for group discussion in the SSB interview.


Important Current Affairs Topics for SSB Group Discussion


Here are some of the topics that have been in the news recently and are quite important from an examination point of view. These current affairs topics will help you get a better understanding of major events happening at the national and international levels.


  • Aditya-L1 – Indian solar observation mission
  • Chandrayaan 3 – India’s lunar mission 
  • Gaganyaan – Indian crewed spacecraft project
  • Samudrayaan – Deep Ocean mission of India
  • List of government space agencies
  • List of recent ISRO missions
  • Science and Technology in India
  • Space industry of India
  • G20 Summit in India
  • Inclusion of African Union in G20 
  • Intergovernmental organizations
  • BRICS Summit 2023 Highlights
  • National Space Day Celebrations
  • World Athletics Championships 2023
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence 
  • Future jobs and employment trends 
  • 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28)
  • ‘Maya‘ operating system
  • Operation Karuna
  • UN SDG 13 – Climate action
  • Why many earthquakes in 2023?
  • 2023 Manipur violence
  • New Parliament House
  • 2023 Odisha train collision
  • The lunar south pole 
  • India’s growing population
  • Sustainable development goals
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Russian invasion of Ukraine  
  • Causes of floods and landslides in India
  • Global health emergency
  • Increasing sanctions against Russia


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FAQs on Current Affairs GD Topics for SSB Interview 2023


1- Why are current affairs important for the SSB interview?

Current affairs are crucial in the SSB interview because they assess your knowledge of ongoing events and they are also vital for officers in the armed forces.


2- How long does the SSB interview process take?

The entire SSB process typically takes around 5 days to evaluate and recommend eligible candidates for further proceedings. 


3- Which SSB tasks emphasize current affairs knowledge the most?

The Group Testing Officer (GTO) tasks and personal interview carry a significant weightage for evaluating your current affairs knowledge.


4- Can you give examples of GTO tasks that might involve current affairs topics?

GTO tasks like lecturette and group discussions often revolve around current affairs topics that candidates need to discuss or present.


5- What are some recent current affairs topics important for group discussions in the SSB interview?

Recent current affairs topics for group discussions include Aditya-L1, Chandrayaan 3, Gaganyaan, the G20 Summit in India, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28), and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, among others.

6- Why should candidates preparing for the SSB interview be aware of India’s space missions?

Knowledge of Indian space missions, such as Aditya-L1, Chandrayaan 3, and Gaganyaan, reflects your awareness of India’s technological advancements, and it is quite relevant in defence services.


7- What is the significance of the G20 Summit in India for the SSB interview?

The G20 Summit in India is a current affairs topic and it showcases your understanding of India’s role in global diplomacy and economics.


8- How does the knowledge of sustainable development goals (SDGs) benefit SSB candidates?

Awareness of SDGs highlights your commitment to global issues and it also aligns with the responsibility of armed forces for humanitarian efforts.


9- Why is the Russian invasion of Ukraine a relevant topic for SSB candidates?

Understanding international conflicts like the Russian invasion of Ukraine reflects your grasp of geopolitical situations and your level of preparation for the SSB interview.


10- How can candidates stay updated on these current affairs topics?

Candidates can stay updated through newspapers, news websites, and official government sources to prepare for the SSB interview effectively.

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