How to Pass Screening Test in SSB Interview 2023

The Screening test in the SSB Interview is the first stage in the selection process because it takes place on the first day of reporting to the selection center. SSB aspirants find it very challenging to pass the screening test. It is a must to pass the screening test in order to take part in the next stages of the SSB selection process. To help SSB aspirants excel in the screening test, Centurion Defence Academy has come up with a detailed article. If you are an SSB aspirant, read this article on how to pass the screening test in SSB Interview 2023. This article on screening tests will help you gain a better grasp of the screening process and perform well to get screened in.


Before discussing the tips to pass the screening test in the SSB interview 2023, let us first check what exactly the screening test is. To make it short, the screening test consists of two events, one is OIR and the other is PP&DT. The Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test consists of questions on reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. On the other hand, the Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT) consists of writing a story, narrating it, and then discussing the same with the group. Let us take a detailed overview of the screening test in the SSB Interview.


What is OIR in the SSB Interview?


The OIR refers to the Officers Intelligence Rating Test which evaluates the level of intelligence and proficiency of a candidate. It basically tests the verbal and non-verbal reasoning of SSB aspirants. The major areas of OIR tests include reasoning ability, effective intelligence, and time management skills of a candidate.


What is PP&DT in the SSB Interview?


The Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT) aims to evaluate the cognitive and mental ability of candidates. It includes the display of a blurred image on the screen for 30 seconds. Now, candidates need to frame a story taking the theme and scene of the blurred image into account. This test basically evaluates the perspective of candidates and also the communication ability in the later part. After writing their stories and completing narration, candidates get the opportunity to discuss their stories with the group and come to a final story.


Tips to Pass the Screening Test in SSB Interview


As already mentioned, the screening test consists of two parts – the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test and the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT). OIR is a written test assessing your verbal and non-verbal reasoning abilities. PPDT involves analyzing a picture, creating a story based on it, and discussing it in a group. Let us now see some tips on how you can crack the screening test in your first attempt.


Develop strong verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills


The first test includes OIR, so practice plays a vital role here. The OIR usually contains very simple questions that candidates can easily answer. Moreover, the practice of adequate OIR questions can boost their confidence to solve questions within the given time. Candidates can also practice verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions to improve their cognitive abilities.


Practice PP&DT stories


To excel in the PP&DT part, you should practice writing and narrating stories based on random images. Make sure to focus on the central theme and characters with a positive outlook. You should also develop self-confidence to understand the qualities the assessors are looking for. The screening test is time-bound, so practice managing your time efficiently in both writing and narration.


Avoiding negative thoughts in the PPDT 


The SSB Interview assesses candidates not just on their intellectual abilities but also on their psychological traits. Therefore, you should avoid negative thoughts that can convey pessimism, which is not a desirable trait in armed officers. Further, negative thoughts can hinder your ability to make rational decisions. In the PPDT, candidates must analyze and describe the given picture logically, and negativity can lead to framing illogical or irrelevant stories Also, in group tasks that follow the PPDT, candidates often work as a team. So, negative thinking can disrupt team cohesion and hinder collaboration. Therefore, you must avoid negative thoughts in the PPDT.


Improve your communication skills


Good communication skills are crucial for the PPDT. Thus, you need to work not only on your vocabulary and fluency but also on clarity of speech. Communication abilities are required in SSB Interview PPDT time because they assess a candidate’s capacity to convey clear and logical thoughts. It reflects their effective teamwork, leadership, and decision-making. During the PPDT, engage actively in group discussions. Listen to others and express your thoughts clearly and confidently.


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SSB Interview Screening Test FAQs


  1. What is OIR in the context of the SSB Interview?

OIR stands for Officer Intelligence Rating, which is a test used to assess a candidate’s cognitive and reasoning abilities.


  1. What types of questions are there in the OIR test?

OIR includes questions on verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.


  1. What does PP&DT stand for?

PP&DT stands for Picture Perception & Discussion Test. It is a component of the SSB interview for officer selection.


  1. How does PP&DT work?

In PP&DT, candidates are shown a picture for a short duration and then have to write a story about it and then discuss the same.


  1. What’s the purpose of PP&DT in the SSB interview?

PP&DT assesses a candidate’s ability to think, their creativity, and their narrative skills.


  1. What should I focus on when describing the picture in PP&DT?

You should focus on the key elements, such as the number of characters, their gender, mood, and any action or interaction happening in the scene.


  1. How can I improve my performance in PP&DT?

You should practice by describing pictures regularly, work on improving your storytelling skills, and maintain a positive attitude.


  1. Which is the best academy for the preparation of the screening test in SSB?

Centurion Defence Academy is the best academy for the preparation of the screening test in SSB. It also provides comprehensive guidance for complete SSB Interview preparation.

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