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NDA 2020 SSB Success Story Swastish Pandey

Great at dealing with uncertainty and good at minimizing risk, Swastish Pandey classic victory became an example for many youngsters. The threat every Indian citizen is facing today (COVID 19) could not fear him to achieve his NDA dream. With the direct hit he simply showed everyone that when obstacles arise change your direction to reach your goal but do not change your decision to get there. Here we read nda 2020 ssb success story, Swastish Pandey perfect answer in his winning style with 97% ISC board exam and NDA SSB recommendation from 20 SSB Board Bhopal made him the reason of happiness and joy to everyone.

64 Reported 18 Screened In 4 Recommended at NDA -144 Batch where Swastish Pandey nailed to his victory throne and made it clear that a difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a dream to fulfill, and a goal to achieve. The iconic person he admires is his father, Kaushlendra Pandey, a Government Primary School teacher who never let him stop and think about devastating circumstances around him any day. He grew up in an educational atmosphere since birth that tracked him to score 97% in Intermediate standard from City Montessori School.

Smart, bright, talented village boy from Amethi, UP lead an ambitious and high-spirited life since his school days while performing in the school 5 times at Republic day parade with the Gorkha regiment Bagpipe band at the police line infected him with immense patriotism and eagerness to join Indian Army. Perfect mix of studies and aim for defence under his uncle & cousin from Punjab regiment greatly put an influential impact in his young mind.

Swastish Pandey, son of a primary school teacher, showers pride of his achievement to his father and mentor of his career Founder Director Shishir Dixit of Centurion Defence Academy.  Swastish in NDA Foundation Batch at CDA started his preparation for NDA focusing together on board exams as well as NDA exam. Sincerity and perseverance thrust upon him made it perfect when an arrow hit the target at the right place.

NDA 2020 SSB Success Story

Dazzling bright star manifested honour, pride for Centurion Defence Academy with his NDA result, CDA is a brand in defence education, and Sir Shishir Dixit maintains its trademark. Swastish dedicated immensely in SSB preparation from CDA under the experts of Psychology – Air Veteran Shishir Dixit, Interview Expert -Major Nasreen Fatima (Sq Ldr Rtd), GTO Expert – Col Pramod (Retd) and English Expert – Aditya Dubey, expanded horizons towards SSB performance and capabilities.

Strong and healthy mind encourages to always be ready and targeted towards SSB grilling tests and questions. On Reporting date19 July, 2020 several thoughts propelled in his mind but when tasks started nothing can stop him. The best of his performance can be witnessed as he spoke 9 times in GD, 90+ /100 in OIR, 45/60 SRTs, Swastish aim with passion & actions for SSB Interview make him ready all the time.

The whole CDA learning experience was a treat for any learner who wanted sure success under expert guidance and motivation from the living legends of the Indian Forces, CDA is the best place for living and achieving your dream. Premier coaching known for its tremendous results and mentor guidance gave him the urge to conquer his passion.  Making it a perfect victory Swastish achieved it for everyone close to him and for the nation, he is dreaming to join one day i.e. the 12th battalion of Para Special Forces, The dirty dozens. 

Swastish Pandey’s Success Story, incredible recommendation at the time of the pandemic hit stage provided every reason to be happy and never stop dreaming no matter if the situation is in your favour or not. The best memory Swastish recalls of centurion defence academy and his superb batch is that all his batch students got recommended i.e. Akash + Adarsh + Rohit+ Priyanka + Hrishik+ Swastish and many others. In his interview Swastish concluded with a golden glow on his face where he thanked God for the love of his parents, support of the Centurion Team and most importantly the NDA batch he landed into. An amazing experience to be cherished with immense pleasure and dignity for the entire life by Swastish Pandey.

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