Sample Self Description Test of NDA Recommended Girl

The Self Description Test, also known as SDT, is a very important test in the SSB Interview. As we know, after the screening round, the whole SSB Interview takes place in three major parts, psychology, GTO and Personal Interview. Now, the self description test is one of the four tests under the psychological part in the SSB interview. Besides the Self Description Test (SDT), the other three tests in the psychological part include TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), WAT (Word Association Test) and SRT (Situation Reaction Test). In this article, we will help you with some sample self description tests of NDA recommended girls. These sample SDTs were written by the NDA SSB recommended girls from Centurion Defence Academy during their SSB preparation at the academy. Read on to learn more about the sample self description tests and improve your own to excel in the SSB interview.


Let us now explore the importance of the self description test in the SSB interview. Candidates appearing for the SSB interview must be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. This is because of the fact that through the self description test, the psychologist evaluates your level of self-introspection. The term self-introspection with reference to the SSB interview means how much you know yourself. Further, it also includes your insights, your awareness, how you treat others, and what others think about you.



How does the Self Description Test (SDT) take place?


The Self Description Test (SDT) in the SSB interview is a very interesting test and it takes only 15 minutes to complete. For instance, you will be asked to write your own opinion about yourself besides the opinions of your parents, teachers and friends. Further, you will also be asked to answer what qualities you would like to develop. In short, this test contains a total of five questions that candidates need to answer in short paragraphs within the limit of 15 minutes. Your self-description test in SSB will look like this:


  1. What do you think of yourself?
  2. What do your parents think of you?
  3. What do your friends think of you?
  4. What do your teachers think of you?
  5. What sort of a person do you want to become in life?


Sample Self Description Tests of NDA Recommended Girls


Here you will get some sample self description tests of NDA recommended girls from Centurion Defence Academy, which is the best NDA SSB coaching in India. These girls have been recommended by different SSBs for the NDA 151st course. By following their self description tests, you can get an idea of writing and improving your own.


Anshi Yadav – SSB Recommended Girl for NDA 151 Course


  • What do you think of yourself?


  • Confident and self esteemed 
  • Courageous to take actions
  • Express my views clearly 
  • Understand and listen to others
  • Open to learn others’ views
  • Responsible 
  • Disciplined 


  • What do your parents think of you?


Responsible – as they have given me their ATM and also allow me to go on my own.


Hospitality – they consider me considerate about guests’ arrivals, and children coming to home.


Routine follower – they see me as a routine following person from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM as a 1-hour workout, getting to school, doing some help to my mother and father, and studying. 


Kind-hearted – We all go every Tuesday to feed beggars and I help my mother to prepare food.


  • What do your friends think of you?


Jolly – makes the environment light 


Understanding – they share their problems with me.


Genuine – they find me straightforward and who doesn’t back talk.


Helping – they find me available all the time whenever in need.


Open learner – always eager to learn new from them.


  • What do your teachers think of you?


Disciplined – as I have never missed any school day.


Responsible – they made me captain of my Azad house.


Confident and expressive – had given me a chance to anchor a debate on topics.


Multitasking – Both academically and in sports.


Open to new ideas and adoption.


  • What sort of a person do you want to become in life?


I would like to learn Korean / multi-linguistic person.


Would explore more sports like basketball and swimming.


Would help old age and orphans as much as possible.


Khushi Kumari – SSB Recommended Girl for NDA 151 Course


  • What do you think of yourself?


I am a very sincere person and I know what I want to do in life. Further, I always look forward to getting more and more opportunities to develop my personality. I grab every opportunity and try to do my best. I respect others’ experiences and learn from their experiences. Moreover, I am able to perform even in unfamiliar circumstances. I am looking forward to save my country as an army officer.


  • What do your parents think of you?


My parents are very happy with my academic profile. They believe I have a multi-dimensional personality which makes me a unique person. Also, they believe that I am well aware of my responsibilities as I help my mother in whichever way I could. I swipe the house every morning before going to school and also wash my school uniform on weekends. They tell me that I have a very good quality of treating everyone very efficiently as I am able to deal with every age group.


  • What do your friends think of you?


They tell me I am a very lively person and add a different energy by my presence. Also, they always come to me for their doubts and I help them in every possible way. They say, I have a tom-boy kind of personality as I play basketball with an all-boy team and sometimes even hurt them unintentionally. In fact, they come to me whenever they have a dilemma of any sort and always treat me the same whenever I achieve in life. They always find me the same person. 


  • What do your teachers think of you?


My teachers have always praised me for my academics. They felt that I participated in many co-curricular activities like NCC, and speaking. Also, they believe I put in sincere efforts. They always look forward to giving work. My principal did not want me to leave school because of my posting.


  • What sort of a person do you want to become in life?


I felt that my participation in sports was a scattered performance in which I qualified for the state level. I was looking forward to opt basketball as my professional sport.


Also, I also feel that I need to work more on my general awareness, and international relations as being aware about what is going around is very important for that I have started reading a newspaper.


I also want to do gardening as I have always felt a kind of positive energy whenever I got the opportunity to do so.


I also look forward to exploring different places in our country and the world. To meet different people all over the world. Try different foods which I will be able to experience as an officer in defence forces.


Mahima Sajwan – SSB Recommended Girl for NDA 151 Course


  • What do you think of yourself?


I am a very confident girl and focused toward my goal. Also, I give my best in every work that I do. I have a positive attitude towards things. Further, I do all the work in my house whether it is indoor or outdoor. I like spending time with my grandmother and gossiping with her. Most importantly, I want to join the Indian Army officer cadre.


  • What do your parents think of you?


My parents found me to be a very responsible person as I manage all the household work with my mother. They consider my opinion in every aspect. They found me dedicated to my studies and goals and a responsible girl who can take care of herself.


  • What do your friends think of you?


My friends consider me as a very studious girl and advise me not to study so much in a funny way. They seek my help whenever they need and call me to gossip. Also, they find me very comedian, cheerful, and sometimes in few stress lines on my head. They enjoy my company and call me a “tamatar” as I turn red in a few sudden situations.


  • What do your teachers think of you?


My teachers find me serious, dedicated and punctual towards my studies. They find me very helpful with my classmates.


  • What sort of a person do you want to become in life?


I want to fulfill my goal in life and want to improve my physical health. Further, I also want to join at least a particular sport for giving my participation in PT and make it to the next level. I also want to be a fully disciplined person.


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