SSB NDA Success Story
Success Story of NDA-145 Recommended Candidate from 11 SSB Allahabad
Tuesday | January 19, 2021

Centurion Defence Academy(A Unit of Centurion Education Pvt. Ltd), under the able, expert guidance and leadership of Sir Shishir Dixit is best known as the unparallel herald among the premier Brand Coaching institutes for SSB Training and NDA written exam coaching. The institute has a stupendous and magnanimous record of producing one after other talents to serve for their country and has been adjudged as the whole sole destination of all the defence aspirants due to the dedicated team of trained, expert staff and educationists that helm at guiding and giving the best of the expertise in preparation to the budding aspirants.Another proud aspirant whose recent successful feat during this great pandemic of Covid’ 19 is really overwhelming and praise worthy. Shashank Tiwari who victoriously cleared his NDA this year. Read Shashank Tiwari NDA SSB Success Story, He is the perfect role model of following a perfect and coordinated harmony between the systematic and balanced approach which made him in a better position to act holistically and achieve this marvelous feat.

No doubt this young lad who got recommended for NDA- 145 had his dream and ambitions set to get into the Armed Forces no matter what the cost as it was his desire and will that swelled up his passions to get into NDA and always being disciplined and focused, he was really touched with the ethos, respect, honor and pride of the Armed forces and plunged headlong to be a part of this prestigious and dignified service to serve his Motherland.

His NDA Written Exam Preparation Journey

After the herculean feat of being able to clear his NDA in his very first attempt, Shashank being the meritorious student came out with flying colors. His strong will power and resilient attitude had undoubtedly made him more focused and determined and he finally outshone himself in his first attempt. The secret to his success is his ideology that he had an insatiable hunger to prove his mettle and focused all his energy by being confident in achieving the future and building the present. He laid prime focus on his ambition as well as his careerdethroning all odds, he was really optimistic, driven and went in the desired and right direction.

Recommended at 11 SSB, Allahabad, with an AIR- 145

Shashank owes his firm motivation as his urge to be in NDA to a great extent. The mainobjective and motto of his life was to join and be a part of the NDA giving a purpose to his life and to serve and work for the Defence Forces and the closer and more laboriously he put in more efforts the more clear and bolder his ambition became.

Proud Centurion Shashank gives his remarkable credit for success to Centurion Defence Academy as he acknowledges the fact that the guidance, mentorship and training he was imparted from here under the able guidance of Sir Shishir Dixit and the esteemed board of SSB mentors  met and satisfied his expectation and gave him the courage to follow his dreams even though he was a bit hesitant but the persistent and diligent guidance he received from in here with such individual and personal guidance stands as the success pillar in achieving his dream.

A vibrant and cheerful personality, confident and high attitude, pleasing personality, candid behavior of Shashank encourages and motivates us to look up to the future with high hopes without surrendering to the defeat and to never back down having a go getter attitude. Apart from studies he always looked and excelled in various areas of interest and this really shaped up his personality to a greater extent and made him confident, quite agile, responsive, alert, outspoken and definitely these skills are responsible to a great extent in letting him achieve his dream and the ambition of his life which he fulfilled.

Shashankaccolades and showers all praises for his NDA preparation under the guidance of the best of the industry experts helmed at the institute here that are unparallel with the likes of Psychology Expert Sir Shishir Dixit, Interview Expert Major General A.K. Chaturvedi and Major Nasreen Fatima, GTO Expert Col. Pramod( Retd.) and English Expert Aditya Dubey.  His sincerity, hard work and perseverance with his clear minded strategy left no stone unturned and availed him with the once in a lifetime golden opportunity fulfilling his dream ambition.

His whole journey is a marvelous feat as no victory is complete without both of the parallels and that the victory is also sweetest as though the challenges were greatly tougher and harder but still overpowering all the grave odds he steered clear out of the SSB’s in his very first attempt. All the difficulties and challenges faced by him were immense but for winners and achievers difficulties pave the way for success as truly said “Difficulties are the stepping stones of success”.Shashank’s victory is undoubtedly the result of his sole hard work and strength with utmost guidance which he received in CDA and we wish the young lad the best of luck for all his future endeavors.


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Success Story of NDA-145 Recommended Candidate from 11 SSB, Allahabad

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