Komal Saini NDA 149th Course

This success story covers Komal Saini, a learner from 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar who cleared the SSB interview for the NDA 149th course. Komal received AIR 152 in the overall merit list for the NDA 149th course, qualifying her to join the National Defence Academy. For girls from rural communities who want to join the Indian Armed Forces but lack any military experience, Komal serves as inspiration. Due to the fact that Komal Saini comes from a rural family in the Bharatpur district (Rajasthan), her story may be quite easily related to these situations. She also had a lot of difficulties because she was raised in a Hindi-speaking household, but she eventually managed to pass her SSB interview and reach the final merit list for the NDA 149th course.

She joined the Centurion Defence Academy to prepare for the NDA SSB, and under Sir Shishir Dixit and other SSB mentors’ guidance, she was able to pass the SSB interview from 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar. The single crucial tactic, according to Komal, that can help you ace the SSB and NDA is practice, particularly if you come from a rural background. During her training at Centurion, Komal focused on developing not just her confidence, analytical abilities, clarity of thought, and communication skills, but also her decision-making abilities. Young people who want to enroll in the National Defense Academy but are unsuccessful due to a lack of support and resources can find a lot of motivation from Komal. Hopefully, Komal’s accomplishments will motivate them.