Praveen Bishnoi NDA 149th Course

An ambitious and committed defence aspirant from Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Praveen Bishnoi has always been dedicated to his ambition to join the armed forces. In conclusion, Praveen has been selected for the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, Pune. Despite the fact that it was his fourth attempt, Praveen’s success in the NDA exam has solidified his presence in the distinguished hall of fame at the Centurion Defence Academy. In the final merit list for the NDA 149th Course, he was awarded an All India Rank of 415. Praveen prepared for the NDA exam at Centurion Defence Academy, where he reliably demonstrated a bright outlook and strong determination to join the Indian Armed Forces.

80 applicants appeared for the August 20–24, 2022, SSB batch at 19 SSB Allahabad; 40 were screened in, but only 16 proceeded to obtain recommendations. Praveen, who deserves praise for his achievements, was one of those qualified candidates. Praveen persisted and worked hard until he was able to join the prestigious Indian Army from 19 SSB Allahabad. In his fourth attempt, Praveen was successful and was recruited into the elite Indian Army Wing of the National Defence Academy. Praveen enrolled in the Centurion Defence Academy so that he could get the best guidance from professionals while getting ready for the NDA. Praveen’s will to join the NDA despite his subsequent failures inspires us to have high expectations for ourselves.

Sir Shishir Dixit and other SSB mentors at Centurion Defence Academy were instrumental in helping Praveen succeed in his SSB interview at 19 SSB Allahabad. Similar remarkable success stories about Team Centurion exist, and Praveen’s victory has strengthened the same. Praveen, who aspires to join the Indian Armed Forces at a young age, has served as an inspiration to hundreds of young students with his sincerity and tenacity. We hope that Praveen’s accomplishments will continue to serve as an example and a source of motivation for future applicants to the National Defence Academy.