Shrutika Mishra NDA 149th Course

One of our proud students, Shrutika Mishra, has demonstrated that, if your willpower is strong enough, perseverance and determination will always pay off. Shrutika achieved the All India Rank 18 in the NDA 149th course final merit list in her very first attempt to join the esteemed National Defence Academy (NDA), making the Centurion Defence Academy appreciative of its role in supporting defence aspirants in accomplishing their targets. Only four candidates were recommended out of a total of 59 for the batch of 27–31 August 2022, at 11 SSB Allahabad, including our admiration, our proud Centurion, Shrutika Mishra. Shrutika has always been very keen to join the prestigious National Defence Academy, and her hard work and dedication helped her realize her dream.

With her extraordinary effort and resilience, Shrutika was able to place herself among the top rankers in the NDA 149th course final merit list and also gave Team Centurion reason to be proud. Shrutika’s feat in the NDA exam serves as motivation for hundreds of young girls who want to join the Indian Armed Forces and do their best to serve the nation. Throughout her preparation at Centurion Defence Academy, Shrutika substantially improved both her character traits and competence, thanks in large part to the individual guidance and personalized training offered by Sir Shishir Dixit and the other SSB mentors at Centurion Defence Academy.

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