Siddhi Jain NDA 149th Course

In order to qualify for the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), one of our proud students, Siddhi Jain, achieved the All India Rank of 87 in the NDA 149th course final merit list. This accomplishment has made the Centurion Defence Academy proud and happy for its role in assisting defence aspirants in achieving their goals. For the batch of 26–30 September 2022 at 1 AFSB Dehradun, only 14 out of a total of 138 candidates were recommended, including our brilliant and proud Centurion, Siddhi Jain. Siddhi’s determination and hard work enabled her to fulfill a lifelong aspiration of joining the elite National Defence Academy. Siddhi has demonstrated exceptional performance in her training and accomplishments, which will continue to motivate young folks who desire to join the Armed Forces.

Siddhi was able to establish herself among the top scorers in the NDA 149th course final merit list thanks to her tremendous effort and tenacity. Numerous young girls who desire to join the Indian Armed Forces and give their all to serve the country are inspired by Siddhi’s success in the NDA exam. Siddhi considerably enhanced both her psychological features and proficiency throughout her preparation at Centurion Defence Academy, in large part because of the individualized and personalized guidance provided by Sir Shishir Dixit and the other SSB mentors at Centurion Defence Academy. She persisted in her endeavors and eventually succeeded in passing the NDA exam, realizing her dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces as an officer.