how to crack Airforce Exam

How to Crack Air Force Exam


Success is not luck- by- chance, it is a creation of your efforts!

Indian Air Force is an embodiment of this success. A part of the Indian Armed Forces, I.A.F is held under the wings of Chief of Air Staff while the President of India is the Supreme Commander. It functions to safeguard Indian airspace.

Tips to Crack Air Force Exam

I.A.F conducts a national level entrance exam for its aspirants every year and here is a collection of some tremendous tips to nail Airforce exam:

  • Get complete information of the various test involved. To give an idea, there are three tests: written exam+ Adaptability test 1 and 2+ medical assessment.
  • Segregate the syllabus and requirements of each test.
  • To commence with let’s lodge on to the written part.
  • The written test involves English, Physics, and Mathematics of 10+2 level for ‘X’ group; English, reasoning, and General Awareness for ‘Y’ group; English, Physics, Maths and General Science for those appearing for both ‘X’ and ‘Y’ group.
  • Keep a note of the time limit: 45 minutes for ‘Y’ group and 60 minutes for ‘X’ group.
  • Draft a perfect time table that covers all your subjects.
  • Analyze your strong and weak areas and work accordingly.
  • Physics, chemistry and mathematics are the backbone of this test so maintain a good command over the trio.
  • Plunging on to each subject take a note of the following:
  • For English get habitual of reading a lot, work upon your vocabulary, jot down new words- their antonym, synonym along with streaming known idioms and phrases.
  • Mathematics requires a thorough practice as per the syllabus. Rely centrally on trignomentary, complex numbers, geometry, indices and others.
  • Reasoning and General Awareness demands a revision of your elementary academics; regular update of news, current affairs through increased reading of newspaper, magazine and journals.
  • Be persistent in your preparation
  • Taking mock tests and solving last year papers adds immense help to your preparation.
  • Once you are successfully through with the written test brace up for the physical test wherein you will have to complete 1.6 km run in 6 minute 30 seconds+ 10 pushups, 10 sit ups and 10 squats.
  • Raise your stamina beforehand by indulging into exercise and running regularly. In your smart time table do include some time for physical activity also.
  • Analyze your progress often so that you know the areas that require improvement.

With a pinch of confidence add flavor to your I.A.F preparation. The finishing touch could only come with a good result so take assistance from the above notions and reach the sky!

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