20 Latest Group Discussion Topics for SSB Interview 2023
Friday | September 22, 2023

In the SSB Interview, there are various tasks that take place over the course of 5 days. Among them, Group Discussion (GD) is one of the most challenging tasks for many SSB aspirants whether they are from NDA, CDS, AFCAT, or any other entry. The SSB GD task majorly covers the latest group discussion topics. To a great extent, the knowledge of a candidate on a particular group discussion topic and his/her way of presentation both matter a lot. When we talk about the way of presentation, it simply refers to the communication ability of a candidate. In order to tackle the SSB group discussion effectively, one needs to have both knowledge and the ability to communicate properly in a group. Thus, Centurion Defence Academy has come up with the 20 latest group discussion topics for SSB interview 2023.


SSB Interview Group Discussion 2023


Before we discuss some of the latest SSB group discussion topics, let’s see what this task is and when it happens. Group Discussion takes place on the first day of GTO tasks. There are a total of 9 tasks conducted under the supervision and direction of a GTO (Group Testing Officer). In fact, group discussion in SSB is the first task under the GTO series. In this task, GTO provides the group with a topic for group discussion. Afterward, candidates have to discuss the given topic in the group. Now you must be wondering what GTO wants to investigate through group discussion. In short, GTO assesses your ability to work effectively in a group, your ability to listen to others, and how well you communicate your ideas. Therefore, active participation is a must because GTO assesses every candidate thoroughly during group discussions in SSB.


Latest GD Topics for SSB Interview 2023


In the following table, we have provided the 20 latest GD topics for SSB interview 2023. These latest SSB group discussion topics have been thoroughly researched by the R&D team of Centurion Defence Academy. The following topics for SSB GD are very useful for those candidates who are going to appear in the NDA 2 2023 SSB Interview or CDS 2 2023 SSB Interview or AFCAT 2 2023 AFSB Interview. Here we have not only covered the latest topics for group discussion but also provided important points that candidates need to cover for holistic understanding.


Latest SSB GD Topics  Important Points to Cover
G-20 in India India’s role as the host country.

Agenda priorities, including economic recovery and global governance

Impacts of G-20 decisions on India and the world.

India-Canada Relations Trade and economic ties.

Bilateral agreements and cooperation in various sectors.

Cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

India’s Samudrayaan Mission Objectives and significance of the mission.

Technological challenges and innovations.

Potential discoveries in the deep sea.

Climate Change and Impacts Effects of climate change on India.

Mitigation and adaptation strategies.

International cooperation in combating climate change.

Role of Technology in Modern Warfare Emerging technologies like AI and cyber warfare.

Ethical concerns and rules of engagement.

Balancing technological advancements with global security.

Gender Equality in the Armed Forces Gender diversity in the military.

Challenges and opportunities for women in combat roles.

The role of gender balance in enhancing military effectiveness.

ISRO’s Aditya L1 Mission Objectives and goals of the mission.

Solar science advancements.

International collaboration in space exploration.

Impact of Social Media on Youth Effects on mental health and well-being.

Influence on politics and society.

Strategies for responsible social media use.

Deglobalization Reasons behind the shift towards deglobalization.

Economic and geopolitical consequences.

Pros and cons of deglobalization.

IMF World Economic Outlook 2023 Global economic trends and forecasts.

Policy recommendations for economic recovery.

Challenges posed by economic disparities.

Energy Transition Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Environmental and economic implications.

Role of government policies and innovation.

India’s Mission Chandrayaan-3 Objectives and scientific goals.

Lessons learned from previous missions.

India’s contribution to lunar exploration.

Expansion of BRICS Growth and influence of BRICS nations.

Collaborative efforts in trade and diplomacy.

Geopolitical implications of a larger BRICS group.

Sustainable Development Goals Progress made towards achieving SDGs.

Challenges in poverty reduction, healthcare, and education.

The role of international partnerships.

Green Growth Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability.

Green technologies and innovation.

Policies and practices for a sustainable future.

De-dollarization Efforts to reduce reliance on the US dollar.

Impact on global financial markets.

Alternative reserve currencies and trade agreements.

China-Taiwan Crisis Escalating tensions and historical context.

International responses and implications.

Strategies for peaceful resolution.

Income Inequality and Poverty Disparities in income distribution.

Social and economic consequences.

Policies to address poverty and inequality.

The Second Space Age New developments in space exploration and commercialization.

Private sector involvement and competition.

Legal and ethical challenges in outer space.


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SSB Latest Group Discussion Topics FAQs


  1. What is group discussion in the SSB Interview?


Group Discussion takes place on the first day of GTO tasks in which the GTO provides the group with a topic. Afterward, candidates have to discuss the given topic in the group.


  1. Group Discussion in the SSB Interview comes under which part?


Group Discussion is one of the 9 tasks conducted as part of GTO tasks under the supervision and direction of a GTO (Group Testing Officer). 


  1. What are some of the latest group discussion topics for SSB interview 2023?


G-20 in India, India-Canada Relations, India’s Samudrayaan Mission, and Climate Change are some of the latest group discussion topics for SSB interview 2023.


  1. What qualities does the GTO assess in group discussion?


GTO assesses your ability to work effectively in a group, your ability to listen to others, and how well you communicate your ideas.


  1. Which is the best SSB coaching in India for holistic preparation?


Centurion Defence Academy is the best SSB coaching in India for holistic preparation.


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