CPSS Test Details -Know About Computerised Pilot Selection System Test

Computerised Pilot Selection System Test


Jointly developed by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research and the Air Defence Establishment- premier organizations of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), CPSS is a concrete step in the right direction for screening pilot aspirants. Computerised Pilot Selection System Test is an intelligent tool to screen pilots for all flying branches of IAF, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard.


Computerised Pilot Selection System Test (CPSS) replaced the earlier British selection process called Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) that was in use for decades thereby putting special emphasis on psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of aspirants. Since 2015 it has been renamed as CPSS to select the rock-solid pilots to fly the advanced aircraft of Indian air force like Su-30, Tejas etc, the Indian Air Force (IAF) inaugurated the Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) at the No. 2 Air Force Selection Board Mysore.

CPSS Test is the brainchild of APJ Abdul Kalam, he advised for CPSS when he was the scientific adviser of the prime minister in 1997. Mr. Kalam suggested developing an intelligent tool for pilot aptitude test in consonance with the advanced IAF aircraft.


Conducted by officers in Flying Branch’s CPSS intended to address the IAF’s long-standing demand for a scientific selection system on par with advanced nations, which can screen pilot aspirants to meet the demands of the latest aircraft.  It also aims at addressing the alarming rate of flying accidents attributed to pilot error in IAF.

A state-of-the-art embedded microcontroller based CPSS with built-in security features has been indigenously designed and developed by ADE against the sanctioned project of IAF.

The system is used to evaluate the candidates’ psychomotor skills Information processing skills (speed and accuracy), coordination, visualization, time-sharing along with cognitive information processing skills by subjecting large number of candidates simultaneously to perform concurrent multiple tasks.

The system consisting of 20 Nos. of Psychomotor systems and 100 Nos. of Cognitive systems each has been delivered and inducted to the 3 Air Force Selection Boards at Mysore, Varanasi & Dehradun.

CPSS is once in a lifetime test

  1. 1. In the Computerised Pilot Selection System test same as the PABT test, the candidate will get only one chance to clear the CPSS test. 
  2. 2.Once failed, the test cannot be taken again and the candidate can never be eligible for flying in the armed forces (Air force, army, navy or coast guard).
  3. 3.If name is not in the merit list, still for next attempt you will be taken as pass


CPSS has 2 level of testing:

1. Cognitive Ability Test 2. Psychomotor Test

Cognitive Ability Test

  • 1. 6 test are there
  • 2. Total Questions: 212 (MCQ Based)
  • 3. Total Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

S. No Test Name Questions Time About
1 INSB 1 15 10 Mins Recognizing Scales and meters Magnetic CompassAirspeed IndicatorAltimeterAltitude IndicatorVertical Speed IndicatorTurn Coordinator
2 INSB 2 60 20 Mins Determining position of airplane from instruments
3 Spatial Ability Test 30 15 Mins Perceiving 2D, 3D Figures in Space
4 Spatial Visualization Test 57 5 Mins Perceiving position of object in space
5 Numerical Reasoning Test 20 20 Mins Numerical Skills
6 Reasoning Test 30 15 Mins Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning

Psychomotor Test

  • 1. 10 tests are there
  • 2. 4 tests for each test are given (best attempt is continued )
  • 3. Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes
S. No Test name
1 Sensory Motor Test
2 Control Velocity Test
3 Dual Task Test
4 Dot Estimation Test
5 Speed Anticipation Test
6 Size Anticipation Test
7 Pursuit Tracking Test
8 Memory Recalling Test
9 Colour Naming Test
10 Vigilanze test

Cognitive Ability Test

  • 1. Instructions how to read 6 kind of dials present in an aircraft is given
  • 2. Based on that there will be a number of MCQ tests which include dial reading questions along with IQ, pattern matching, basic Maths, tests (around 15 small quizzes in total)
  • 3. Simple and anyone with basic school level of physics knowledge can clear it.

Psychomotor Test

  1. 1. Sit in a CPSS machine which is like a cockpit with a joystick, pedals and a lever (like in an aircraft) with a screen in front
  2. 2. Candidates made to play a number of games similar to a video game with joystick and you have to get a certain score in all games combined to clear this test
  3. 3. Anyone drives or has played videogames can clear this one easily. You just need hand leg coordination
  4. 4. Maximum 3 chances in each game and best score is taken out of the 3 (mess up in the 1st attempt you can make up for it in the other 2 attempts)


  • 1. The complete hardware comprising of state of art embedded systems, fibre glass based cockpit, sensors, controls were developed indigenously using Commercially Off the Shelf components, which makes the entire system completely self-reliant for longer product support.
  • 2. ADE has developed state of art USB based membrane keyboard, microcontroller based main controller unit with dedicated device driver software. The security features have been built to prohibit unauthorized access of the system.
  • 3. Comprehensive diagnostic software for easy fault finding and calibration has been provided.
  • 4. Designed modular system with plug in units at sub-assembly level for easy maintenance.
  • 5. High reliability redundancies have been provided in servers, networking infrastructure, power supply.
  • 6. The systems have been developed with long term operational support required so that technology obsolescence is avoided.


The system has been divided into two major sub-systems-

  • 1- Cognitive Testing sub-system – consists of 100 Nos of PC based cognitive terminals are arranged in a hall with full networking connected to the server. Each cognitive terminal has been provided with a customized membrane keyboard with OLED display.
  • 2- Psychomotor testing sub-system – The candidates are subjected to various tests in an aircraft simulator cockpit. In this candidates are required to operate the aircraft controls like control stick, rudder, throttle and various aural and visual warning systems.
  • 3- Instructor Station with projection system controls the entire operation of the tests, monitor the status of all the cognitive terminals and display the instructional videos. The projection system projects the instructions to the candidates.
  • 4- Cognitive and Psychomotor systems are connected to Database servers and networking infrastructure.
  • 5- Multimedia projection systems and DSP based audio solutions are provided for carrying out the briefing for the candidates appearing for the tests.

The system was successfully installed and commissioned which was inaugurated by the Chief of Air Staff on 28 Nov 2014 at 2AFSB Mysore. CPSS was under warranty maintenance support by ADE for 2 years till 04 Feb 2017.

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