Effective Group Discussion Topics for SSB 2023

Latest Group Discussion Topics for SSB Interview 2023


Indian Army has already released notifications for TES, TGC, JAG, and Many Batches for SSB, AFSB, and NSB are already going on and many batches are already lined up. Many candidates have already started the preparation for SSB Interview but they lack clarity in many tasks. Group Discussion is one of those topics in which most of the SSB aspirants are lagging. Group Discussion is not only about communication or knowledge. In Group Discussion, both things matter and both are complementary. Many aspirants know this fact, but they are confused about which topics they should prepare because there can be innumerable topics for SSB Interviews. In this article, we are going to share Effective Group Discussion Topics for SSB Interview 2023. These topics have been prepared after thorough research and these topics may certainly come up in your upcoming SSB Interview.


Group Discussion in SSB Interview


Group Discussion, shortly known as GD, is conducted on the first day of GTO and 3rd day of the SSB Interview. Group Discussion among the indoor tasks which are conducted as a part of GTO tasks. In an SSB interview, group discussion is conducted to assess the candidate’s ability to work effectively in a group, communicate their ideas, listen to others, and arrive at a consensus. These discussions are designed to test various qualities such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills.



Effective Group Discussion Topics for SSB 2023

1. Which is the biggest problem our country is facing?
2. How should India deal with China, War or Diplomacy?
3. Should there be a reservation of seats in elite institutions?
4. How can brain drain be stopped?
5. Should Hindi be made our national language?
6. Which is the best kind of marriage, Arrange or Love?
7. Who is the closest ally of India, Russia, Israel, or  USA?
8. Why are coaching institutes increasing in our country?
9. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools and colleges?
10. Who is responsible for eve-teasing?
11. Should OTT Platforms be regulated?
12. Should there be a law to protect males?
13 What is the reason for the criminalization of politics?
14. How can we promote adventure tourism in India?
15. Why is India lagging behind in the Olympics?
16. Should there be capital punishment for rape cases?
17. Should capital punishment be abolished?
18. Why is the ranking of the Indian football team so low?
19. Should Cricket be declared the national sport of India?
20. How can we improve our ties with our neighboring countries?
21. How can we develop a book-reading habit in the youth of India?
22. Should yoga be made a mandatory subject in India?
23. Why do many girls not take engineering as a career?
24. Does India need a cyber security force?
25. Can education solve the problem of Terrorism?
26. How can we develop moral character among youth in India?
27. Why is North India less developed than South India?
28. Why is unemployment still a big problem in India?
29. How can India become the biggest economy in the world?
30. Why are youth in India not making a career in Agriculture?


How can Centurion Defence Academy help you in excelling in Group Discussion?


Centurion Defence Academy is the best defence coaching in India that has been providing guidance for thousands of candidates and helped them in being recommended by various selection boards of the Indian Armed Forces. Centurion Defence Academy has a team of defence experts who ensure that candidates get the best guidance for the SSB Interview in a holistic manner.


Centurion Defence Academy helps in students prepare for Group Discussion in the following manner_


Regular Sessions by Defence Experts


Centurion Defence Academy conducts regular sessions by Defence Experts on national issues, international issues, and geopolitics to help students prepare for group discussions in the SSB interview. These sessions can be highly beneficial for SSB candidates as they provide valuable knowledge and insights into various topics that are often discussed in group discussions. Defence Experts at Centurion Defence Academy are retired defence officers who have been part of the selection process of the Indian Armed Forces.

Regular Sessions on Spoken English


Centurion Defence Academy provides sessions on spoken English that helps SSB Candidates in improving their communication skills for SSB Interview. These sessions provide focused training on spoken English, helping candidates improve fluency, clarity, and confidence in expressing their thoughts. Through targeted practice, candidates learn effective verbal communication techniques, including articulation, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. In addition to these sessions, Centurion Defence Academy conducts many mock discussions which help candidates in preparation for real group discussions.


Regular Updates on National and International Issues through Current Affairs Sessions


Current Affairs is very important for Group Discussion. By incorporating knowledge of current affairs you can excel in Group Discussion. These current affairs sessions keep candidates well-informed about the latest developments and events, which is crucial for SSB interview preparation. By staying updated, candidates can actively participate in group discussions, personal interviews, and various assessments during the SSB selection process. The current affairs sessions at Centurion Defence Academy enable candidates to broaden their knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and form informed opinions on relevant topics. This comprehensive understanding of current affairs enhances their performance and demonstrates their awareness and engagement with important issues.


Centurion Defence Academy is widely regarded as the premier defence coaching institute in India, having guided and assisted thousands of candidates in securing recommendations in the very first attempt. With a dedicated team of defence experts, Centurion Defence Academy provides comprehensive and holistic guidance for the SSB Interview. Under the guidance of Sir Shishir Dixit, the Director, and Chief SSB Mentor, the successful selection of thousands of candidates was made possible. Undoubtedly, Centurion Defence Academy is the best coaching for SSB Interview preparation in India.

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