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Group Discussion is an important assessment in the GTO part of the SSB Interview. In a group discussion exercise, all group members put their views on a given topic and discuss it with each other. The GTO who assigns the topic closely observes the group discussion process and assesses how members are putting their views and behavior in the group. In a nutshell, GD is a vital test in the SSB interview process. It also reflects various officer-like qualities of a candidate. In this blog, we have shared some of the latest GD topics for SSB interview 2024. The following latest GD topics are particularly helpful to candidates appearing for the SSC Tech SSB Interview. Read this interesting blog by Centurion Defence Academy to learn more about the latest SSB GD topics in 2024.

Who should follow these latest GD topics for SSB?

We have covered the latest group discussion topics for the SSB interview of all entries of the Indian Armed Forces. Recently, the Indian Army opened the date selection link for the SSB Interview under the SSC (Tech)-63 Course. So, our latest SSB GD topics are very beneficial for candidates who are going to appear in the SSB interview under the SSC (Tech)-63 Course. Besides, candidates from NDA, CDS, AFCAT, TES, Navy Tech, and other officer-cadre entries may also refer to the following group discussion topics for their upcoming SSB interview.

List of the latest GD topics for SSB interview in 2024

  • India’s Mission Chandrayaan 3
  • Growth of Science and Technology in India
  • Inclusion of African Union in G20
  • Rise of Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Highlights of the BRICS Summit 2023
  • Challenges Posed by Deepfake Technology
  • The Existence of Poverty in India
  • What is Space Tourism?
  • The Five Eyes Alliance
  • G-20 Summit Hosted by India
  • Latest Career Trends in Future Jobs
  • Updates on COP 28 – Climate Change
  • India’s Growing Population and Impact
  • Sustainable Development Goals of the UN
  • Social Outcomes of Artificial Intelligence
  • Recent India-Canada Relations
  • Major Wars and Threats Across the World
  • Failure of the United Nations Organization
  • The Impact of Cyber Spying
  • Updates on Food Security in India
  • ISRO’s Aditya-L1 Mission
  • BRICS and Its Expansion
  • The Future of Banking in India
  • Effects of Income Inequality on Society
  • India’s Mission Samudrayaan
  • Rise of Technology and AI Bots
  • Tackling International Terrorism
  • Threats of Digital Payment Fraud
  • Israel-Hamas War and Consequences
  • Challenges Posed by Climate Change
  • Effect of Climate Change on Indian Economy
  • Need for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Energy Crisis and its Drawbacks
  • Pros & Cons of 70-Hour Work / Week
  • India-Middle East-Europe Corridor
  • The Gender Unemployment Gap
  • Humanitarian Crisis in the World
  • Changes in the Indian Education System
  • Use of Technology in Indian Agriculture


How to Handle Group Discussion in SSB?

Group discussion in SSB reveals many officer-like qualities (OLQs) of a candidate, such as the power of expression, social adaptability, cooperation, initiative, and ability to influence the group. It provides the GTO with an overview of the personality traits of candidates. Hence, it becomes imperative to handle group discussions effectively in SSB. Here are some tips for you to follow while engaging in group discussion during your SSB interview.

  • Always focus on how you present yourself during group discussions. Your style of presentation matters a lot.
  • If you have reasonable points to make on the given topic, you can initiate the group discussion process.
  • If you aren’t ready or lack points, it is recommended that you listen to others first and then join the discussion.
  • Make sure you have adequate and accurate points to support your arguments while engaging in the group discussion round.
  • You should be able to adjust your tone and modulation as and when required while also maintaining coordination with the group.
  • Put your points forward with confidence. You should be able to influence the group and convince them of your points.
  • Don’t behave rudely or arrogantly with group members. Always remember that the GTO is there to observe how cooperative you are.
  • You should not remain silent throughout the group discussion process. Show engagement and come up with some points to discuss.
  • Social adaptability is one of the most important officer-like qualities assessed during group discussion, so be adaptable in the group.
  • After all, if you feel you were not able to contribute much to the group discussion, don’t get nervous, as there are many more tests in SSB to assess your knowledge and skills.

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