50 Most Important GD Topics for SSB Interview 2024

When preparing for the SSB interview, it is important to know the latest SSB GD topics. For 2024, SSB aspirants should focus on the most important topics for group discussion. Knowing the top 5 [...]

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SSB Interview Tips by a Retired Brigadier from the Indian Army

In this blog on SSB interview tips, we have shared some insights by Brigadier R.P. Sir, who is a retired army officer and currently mentoring defence aspirants at Centurion Defence Academy. Bri [...]

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Latest GD Topics for SSB Interview 2024 | SSC Tech Entry

Group Discussion is an important assessment in the GTO part of the SSB Interview. In a group discussion exercise, all group members put their views on a given topic and discuss it with each oth [...]

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SSB Interview Dress Code for Male Candidates

Dress code is an important aspect when appearing in the SSB interview. An ideal dress code for the SSB interview not only helps build your confidence but also leaves a good mark on the intervie [...]

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Ideal SSB Interview Dress Code for Female Candidates

Are you going to appear in the SSB interview? I’m sure this question must have come to your mind as to which dress will be the best choice for your SSB interview. Aspirants often have many quer [...]

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Best SSB Online Coaching in India

Although offline SSB coaching is a judicious choice, online SSB coaching has also gained popularity due to its convenience, accessibility, and effectiveness in preparing candidates for the rigo [...]

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How to Write a Good PPDT Story in SSB Interview

The PPDT is undoubtedly the most important stage in the SSB interview. It stands for the Picture Perception and Description Test, part of the screening test. Only those who clear the PPDT get t [...]

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