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Air Force X and Y Group Medical Standard
Thursday | October 10, 2019

Indian Air Force- an all round stunner!

Indian Air Force, an integral branch of the Indian Armed Forces is not only a dream career of thousand Indian citizens but also an emblem of repute. Seeing through the lens of diversity, Indian Air Force offers a plethora of employment. Airmen X and Y group are some of them. In this article we share airforce medical standard details of airforce X and Y Group.

Curious to know about them? Well Airmen are employees alias X and Y group are oftenly called as PBOR- persons below Officer’s rank.

You don’t need an NDA or CDS tag for this. Candidates who have basic 10+2 level of education are eligible for Airmen X and Y group.

Air Force X, Y group Eligibility

X group includes technical services related to trade and system such as: Aircraft system, ground system etc. Here in education from science stream at the level of intermediate is mandatory

Y group on the other hand includes non- technical services like logistics, accounts etc. Unlike X group, here intermediate from any stream is acceptable.

Air Force Medical Standard

Once you have cleared the written exam, going successfully through the medical assessment becomes crucial. Here is an updated list of medical credentials for Air Force X and Y group:

Weight– In proportion to height and age

Chest- minimum expansion range: 5 cm

Hearing– able to hear from (whisper) from a distance of 6 cm by each ear separately

Dental- healthy teeth with minimum 14 dental points

Minimum acceptable height- 152.5 cm

Exceptional height requirement for specific trades:

Auto Tech 162.5 cm 165 cm
GTI and PJI 162.5 cm 167 cm
IAF (P) 175 cm 175 cm
Musician 162 cm 162 cm

Air Force X group Eyesight

Trade Visual Acuity Maximum limits of Ref Error Colour Vision Height Leg Length
Workshop Fitter (Mechanical),
Workshop Fitter (Smith),
Structure Fitter,
Propulsion Fitter,
Electronic Fitter,
Electrical Fitter,
Weapon Fitter,
*Automobile Fitter,
*Mechanical System Fitter
6/12 each eye correctable to 6/6 each eye Hypermetropia +2.0D Myopia1D including +/- 0.50 astigmatism CP-II 152.5 cm Minimum leg length required for Mechanical System Fitter and Automobile Fitter is 99 cm.
Education Instructor 6/36 each eye correctable to 6/9 each eye. Not exceeding +/-3.50D including astigmatism CP-III 152.5 cm NA

Air Force Y group Eyesight

Trade Visual Acuity Maximum limits of Ref Error Colour Vision Height
Ops Assistant 6/12 each eye correctable to6/6 each eye Hypermetropia +2.0DMyopia 1D including +/- 0.50astigmatism CP-II 152.5 cm
Admin Assistant,
Accounts Assistant,
Medical Assistant,
Logistics Assistant
6/36 each eye correctable to6/9 each eye. Not exceeding +/-3.50 Dincluding astigmatism CP-III 152.5 cm
Environmental Support Services Assistant (ESSA),
Cryptographer, Met Assistant,
Communication Technician
6/36 each eye correctable to6/9 each eye Not exceeding +/-3.50  Dincluding astigmatism CP-II 152.5 cm
Auto Technician 6/12 each eye correctable to6/6 each eye Hypermetropia +2.0DMyopia1D including +/- 0.50 astigmatism CP-II 165 cm(162.5 cm for North East & Hill states)
Ground Training Instructor (GTI) 6/12 each eye correctable to6/6 each eye Hypermetropia +2.0D Myopia 1D including +/- 0.50 astigmatism CP-II 167 cm(162.5 cm for North East & Hill states)
Indian Air Force (Police)[IAF(P)] Unaided Visual acuity of 6/6 Not Applicable CP-II 175 cm
Indian Air Force (Security)[IAF(S)] Unaided Visual acuity of 6/6 Not Applicable CP-II 152.5 cm

Points- to note:

Candidates who had gone through corneal surgery (PRK/ LASIK) are not acceptable. It is mandatory for candidates to bring their prescription and spectacle for corrected vision.

If you need any more information about airforce medical standard then log in to the official website of Air Force. Examine your Air Force Medical Standards and if you have all of them in range then without a second’s wait grab the Airforce exam and be a proud Airman.

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