How to Prepare for the NDA General Ability Test?
Wednesday | July 5, 2023

NDA General Ability Test (GAT) is the second paper of the NDA exam and it is the toughest part of the NDA exam because it covers the maximum syllabus of the NDA exam and comprises multiple subjects such as English, history, geography, polity, and current affairs. Covering such a vast syllabus is itself a big task for NDA Aspirants. Questions asked in the GAT paper are also of a difficult level. So, candidates need a clear-cut strategy for the NDA GAT Paper. This article will guide NDA Aspirants in preparation for the NDA GAT Paper. By following this strategy, candidates will be able to score higher marks in the NDA GAT Paper.


NDA GAT (General Ability Test) Exam Pattern

General Ability Test is the second paper of the NDA exam and in this paper, a total of 150 questions are asked. The GAT paper comprises questions from English, history, geography, polity, and current affairs. GAT paper is of 600 marks and there is a negative marking of 1/3rd in this paper.


NDA Written Exam Pattern
Particulars Details
Papers ●    Mathematics

●    GAT(General Aptitude Test)

Total Questions ●    Mathematics- 120

●    GAT-150

Total Marks ●    Mathematics- 300

●    GAT- 600

●    Total- 900

Time Duration ●    Mathematics- 2.5 Hours or 150 Minutes

●    GAT- 2.5 Hours or 150 Minutes

SSB Interview ●    900 Marks


How to Prepare for the NDA General Ability Test Paper?

Here, we are going to share some tips which will be helpful in the preparation of the NDA General Ability Test Paper. This strategy will be helpful for all those aspirants who are going to start their preparation or facing difficulties in the preparation for NDA GAT Paper.


Know the Syllabus

The syllabus is the soul of any exam. Be it NDA, CDS or AFCAT, Questions are based on the syllabus. If the candidates follow the syllabus wisely they can avoid preparing unnecessary topics. The syllabus of the NDA exam will help you to know which area you need to cover more and which area you have to ignore. For example, if the syllabus of geography is big, then you have to devote more time on geography. There are some topics that are not part of the NDA syllabus, you have to avoid them altogether.


Learn to use the elimination method

The elimination method is very useful in solving questions of the NDA GAT Paper. Many candidates are not aware of this method but this method is very useful in solving the complex questions of the NDA GAT Paper. Here we are showing you through two examples, how you can eliminate methods to solve NDA GAT Questions.

In this question, (a) (b) and (c) (d) options because we all know that The total number of latitudes is 180 and the total number of longitudes is 360 and the Distance between two longitudes is maximum at the equator.


Both 2 and 3 Statements are not part of (a) (b) and (c) so you can eliminate all the options except (d)


Improve English Section

English Section is a highly scoring part in the NDA GAT Paper. Candidates can get very good marks in the NDA GAT Paper by scoring higher marks in the English section. Scoring good marks in the English section is not a big issue. By learning some grammatical rules and vocabulary, candidates can achieve higher marks in this section. Candidates can enhance their English language skills by reading newspapers, magazines, and books regularly. Work on improving your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills. Solve sample papers and practice questions to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.


Previous Year Question Papers

Previous Years’ Question Papers help us to know about the level of difficulty and nature of questions. Candidates should go through previous years’ question papers of the last five years to get a clear understanding of the NDA Exam. Candidates can download NDA previous year’s question papers and practice them to gain more confidence and understand the paper pattern.


Make Concise Notes on Important Topics

Making Concise Notes on Important Topics is very helpful in revision. Candidates can make short notes of important geographical terms, articles of the constitution, and mathematical formulas. Candidates can make concise notes of grammar rules, articles, dates, and any other concepts. Candidates can use concise notes by using maps, diagrams, and flowcharts, etc.


Solve Mock Tests and Analyze Them

Mock tests are designed to simulate the actual exam pattern, including the structure, time limits, and question types. By taking these tests, you become familiar with the format of the NDA GAT paper, which reduces exam anxiety and boosts your confidence. Mock Tests will help you in improving the speed of solving questions and they will give a real exam-like environment. But it is very important to make sure to analyze your performance in each mock test, review the answers, and identify areas that need improvement. Work on your weak points and revise the relevant topics.


How can Centurion Defence Academy help you prepare for the NDA GAT Paper?

Centurion Defence Academy is the best coaching institute for the NDA exam. With a team of highly experienced faculties, each possessing a minimum of 12-15 years of expertise, Centurion Defence Academy offers unparalleled guidance to aspiring candidates. Their comprehensive teaching approach of teaching GAT Subjects by using shortcut methods to ensure efficient learning. Additionally, the institute provides top-notch study materials exclusively designed for NDA GAT Paper. These resources enhance students’ understanding and preparation for the exam. Centurion Defence Academy’s outstanding track record speaks for itself. Through the combined efforts of their dedicated faculties and exceptional study material, the institute has achieved remarkable success in producing the highest number of selections in the NDA exam.

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