Recommended Study Material for NDA Written Exam

Best Study Material for NDA 2 2023 Written Exam


The NDA exam is known to be one of the toughest exams in India. Every year thousands of candidates fill out forms for the NDA written exam and only a few become the lucky ones who actually clear this exam. This exam is conducted by the Union Public Service of India, so it is very normal that the level of this exam will indeed be very tough. The NDA Exam is known for its low rate of selection and difficulty level. In other defence exams, most questions are asked in a one-liner or directly. But in the NDA Exam, Questions are asked in coded form. The NDA Exam can be cleared with normal study material, it will require study material that is prepared by a team of experts who can understand the need of this exam and prepare such material. Centurion Defence Academy has a dedicated R & D team of R&D which has done extensive research on the NDA exam and prepared the best material for NDA aspirants. This article attempts to make NDA Aspirants aware of the study material which is best for the NDA exam. This article endeavors to all types of study material be it books, current affairs magazines or mock tests.


Centurion Defence Academy Study Material for NDA Exam


Centurion Defence Academy provides the best study material for the NDA exam which is prepared by the dedicated R&D Team. This R&D Team includes highly experienced faculties who have years of experience in this exam. This R&D Team has done extensive research on the difficulty level and pattern of questions that are asked in the NDA exam. Only after this extensive research, Centurion Defence Academy’s Publication Team prepares the study material that suits the needs of NDA aspirants. While preparing this material it is ensured that this material remains comprehensive so that NDA aspirants can easily understand this material and use it for their preparation.


Books for NDA by Centurion Defence Academy


The Publication Team and R&D Team of Centurion Defence Academy have developed many books for the NDA Exam. These books entirely cover the comprehensive syllabus of the NDA Exam and provide the best knowledge. These books are based on the latest pattern of the NDA exam. And these books include multiple diagrams, flowcharts, maps, and pictures that make the content of these books more engaging and comprehensive for readers. In many places, short tricks and easy methods have been mentioned for the ease of NDA aspirants.


Mathematics Books for NDA by Centurion Defence Academy


Centurion Defence Academy’s Mathematics book for NDA is designed to tackle the daunting mathematics section of the NDA written exam. This comprehensive book offers a solution to the fear many aspirants face in this subject. It presents complex math problems in a simplified manner, utilizing unique short-cut tricks that are exclusive to Centurion Defence Academy. With clear explanations and concise methods, this book equips students with the tools they need to confidently approach and conquer the challenging mathematics portion of the NDA exam. One of the best features of this book is that this book contains more than 500 MCQs which will greatly help you in practicing mathematics questions. This is the complete mathematics book for all defence exams such as CDS, AFCAT, and CAPF.


English Book for NDA by Centurion Defence Academy


Centurion Defence Academy’s English NDA Book is specifically developed to address the difficulties faced by students, particularly those from a Hindi medium background, in the English subject. Written by the expert team at Centurion Defence Academy, this book caters to the special needs of Hindi medium students. It focuses on strengthening English skills and building a solid foundation in grammar for the NDA exam. This book comprehensively covers vocabulary and all other grammatical topics like para jumbles, re-ordering, active and passive voice, etc.  Additionally, the book enhances vocabulary, providing students with the necessary tools to excel in the English section of the NDA exam. By utilizing this resource, students can develop a strong command of English and boost their chances of success in the NDA exam. nda-english-book

NDA/NA General Science Book by Centurion Defence Academy


The NDA/NA General Science Book is an excellent resource for NDA preparation, and understanding specific requirements of NDA students. It follows the latest pattern of the NDA exam and provides comprehensive coverage of physics, chemistry, and biology syllabi. The book emphasizes important points and key terms, making it easier for students to grasp and retain information. Each chapter concludes with NDA exam-style questions, allowing students to practice and test their knowledge. The inclusion of diagrams and short tricks further simplifies complex science concepts, enhancing the overall learning experience. By utilizing this book, students can effectively prepare for the science section of the NDA exam and improve their chances of success.


General Studies Book for NDA by Centurion Defence Academy


Centurion Defence Academy’s Geography and Economics Book for NDA offers NDA aspirants a comprehensive and unique resource. Developed by Centurion Defence Academy’s R&D Team, this book provides conceptual clarity through visual aids such as diagrams and maps. It covers the entire syllabus, including Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History. The study material is concise and to the point, allowing for efficient and effective learning. With a focus on clarity and comprehensive coverage, this book equips students with the necessary knowledge and understanding of geography and economics for the NDA exam.


‘रणनीति’ Book for SSB Interview by Sir Shishir Dixit


‘रणनीति’ Book for SSB Interview by Centurion Defence Academy is like Bramhastra for SSB Interview Preparation. This is the best book for SSB preparation which covers all aspects of the SSB Interviews, be it PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT, or GTO Tasks. This book has been written by Chief SSB Mentor of Centurion Defence Academy Sir Shishir Dixit. Sir Shishir Dixit has written this book after observing thousands of candidates and understanding their needs. This book is very unique for the SSB in one more sense, this book includes practice sets for PPDT, TAT, WAT, and SRT. This book has been recommended by almost all the toppers of the NDA exam. The biggest reason behind the popularity of this book is the easy and comprehensive content of this book.


Overall, Centurion Defence Academy provides the best study material for the NDA exam. The best material for the NDA exam of Centurion Defence Academy has helped thousands of candidates in securing the top ranks in the NDA exam. The best study material provided by the Centurion Defence Academy has been one of the biggest reasons behind making Centurion Defence Academy the best NDA coaching in India. This study material has helped in producing the highest number of selections in the NDA exams. You can also be one of those selections if you use this NDA exam study material which is recommended by the toppers of the NDA exam.

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