Success Story of NDA-149 Recommended Gaurav Singh Vishen
Monday | February 13, 2023

Success Story of NDA 149 Topper Gaurav Singh Vishen


Here, we are sharing the success story of our NDA-149 topper Gaurav Singh Vishen. You will definitely feel motivated and become enthusiastic to join Centurion Defence Academy after reading the success story of NDA-149 Topper Gaurav Singh Vishen.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


Gaurav Singh Vishen belongs to Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh and he was recommended from 18 SSB Allahabad and successfully qualified for NDA with all India rank 199 in NDA 149 Course. Gaurav Singh Vishen is one of 18 proud Centurions created by Centurion Defence Academy. It was the childhood dream of Nitish Bista to join the Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation. Gaurav thanks Centurion Defence Academy with all his heart for guiding and mentoring and helping him to live his defence dream. His dream came true when he was finally recommended from 18 SSB Allahabad.


Journey of Gaurav Singh Vishen


Gaurav Singh Vishen’s success in NDA Exam is not a sudden phenomenon for him. He has always been dreaming about joining Indian Armed Forces. Centurion Defence Academy became the best guide for him and shown the best possible way to secure his NDA Dream. Gaurav was recommended from Service Selection Board Allahabad which is considered to be a rejection center by many.


His SSB Experience


SSB Interviwe Experience for Gaurav was very life-changing for him. Gaurav says that the Psych test was the weakest part for him and he was very afraid regarding this test before going for the SSB. But the guidance of Shishir Sir in Psych Tests really helped to increase his confidence in Psych Tests. Gaurav says that his screening process was very smooth and a very hazy picture was shown in his group. There was a fish market during the group discussion but he did not participate in the fish market. He confidently narrated his story. Nitish says that PPDT sessions conducted in the Centurion Defence Academy really helped him to perform well in the actual SSB.


During Psych Tests, His Main Focus was on the qualitative part not on solving more and more questions. He solved 48 WAT and 40 SRTs. Psych became his strength after receiving psychological guidance from Shishir Sir. For personal interviews, He entirely relied on the guidance of Shishir Sir. He also kept updating himself with current affairs and important events around him. To his surprise, No question was asked from his PIQ Form in the personal interview. During his personal interview, he mentioned that he is interested in geography. So, Interviewing Officer asked him to tell the names of countries between India and Russia. Gaurav answered this question in a very well manner.


His Message and Motivation


Gaurav wants to give a message to upcoming Defence Aspirants that SSB is not any superficial process and you do not need so much preparation. SSB Tests are something that we face in our everyday life. We just need to practice them and bring change inside ourselves according to the 14 officers like qualities. Gaurav gives credit of his success to his family and Centurion Defence Academy. Gaurav thanks for the mentorship provided by Colonel Pramod Sir and Colonel RK Sharma Sir.


Centurion Defence Academy has been fulfilling the dream of hundreds of candidates like Aaryash to wear the uniform of the Armed Forces for a very long time. In this journey, Centurion Defence Academy has created a mountain of selections that are as high as the sky. Centurion Defence Academy like every year has created a big mountain of selections in the NDA 149 Course. Centurion Defence Academy has given a total of 18 selections in the NDA 149 Course. If you too want to make your NDA Dream a reality…Join Centurion Defence Academy now.


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