10 Questions Only SSB Recommended Candidates Will Face

The Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is a crucial step for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force). Only a select few are recommended by the board, making it a prestigious achievement. During the interview process, recommended candidates often face a unique set of questions aimed at understanding their motivation, preparation, and potential for a successful military career. Let’s explore some of these questions along with sample answers that candidates may provide.


1. What was the reason behind not making it in the merit list? What do you think?


Sample Answer: While I was hopeful of making it in the merit list, I believe my performance lacked a comprehensive approach during the group tasks and individual assessments. I meticulously analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, identified areas for improvement, and have since focused on enhancing my leadership, communication, and decision-making skills.


2. What if you don’t make it in the merit list again?


Sample Answer: If I don’t make it in the merit list again, I will regard it as an opportunity to further improve and grow. I will assess my performance thoroughly, seek feedback from mentors and assessors, and continue to work diligently on enhancing my abilities until I achieve success.


3. Why didn’t you join the academy last time?


Sample Answer: Last time, I was recommended for the Indian Air Force, which was an honor for me. However, I took some time for introspection and realized that my true calling lies in the Indian Army. Hence, I decided to wait and apply again for the Army this time, as it aligns better with my personal and professional aspirations.


4. What was the reason for being medically unfit?


Sample Answer: Unfortunately, during my previous medical examination, I was found to have a minor medical condition that temporarily rendered me unfit for service. I sought immediate medical attention, followed all prescribed treatments, and have now received a medical clearance after making a complete recovery.


5. Why didn’t you join the academy when you were fit and in the merit list? (For candidates who don’t join the academy even being in the merit list)


Sample Answer: Although I was fit and in the merit list, I decided to wait and gain some additional life experience and maturity before joining the academy. I felt that taking time to explore and develop my personality further would make me a better leader and an asset to the Armed Forces.


6. You got recommended for IAF/Army/Navy, but why are you applying for a different service this time? Why not apply for the same service? (For candidates who get recommended for a different service and again apply for a different one)


Sample Answer: While I am immensely grateful for being recommended for the previous service, my passion and commitment have led me to seek a different service this time. I believe that my unique skill set and aptitude align better with the demands and challenges of the new service, and I am eager to contribute to its noble mission.


7. What if you don’t get recommended this time?


Sample Answer: While getting recommended is my ultimate goal, I understand that the selection process is rigorous and competitive. If I am not recommended this time, I will accept the outcome with grace, learn from my experience, and continue striving to improve myself. I am committed to pursuing my dream of serving the nation and will persevere until I achieve it.


8. What if you are declared medically unfit again?


Sample Answer: I have taken every possible measure to ensure my medical fitness this time. However, if any unforeseen situation arises, I will accept the decision with resilience. I am determined to explore alternative avenues within the Armed Forces that would still enable me to serve my country with dedication.


9. How did you improve this time, and what changes have you made in your SSB preparation to get on the merit list?


Sample Answer: This time, I invested considerable effort in honing my physical fitness, mental agility, and overall personality development. I attended specialized coaching, participated in group discussions, and took part in mock SSB sessions. Additionally, I focused on strengthening my knowledge about the Armed Forces, current affairs, and national security issues.


10. How did you make yourself medically fit?


Sample Answer: After the previous medical assessment, I diligently followed the prescribed treatment plan and worked closely with healthcare professionals to ensure a full recovery. I maintained a healthy lifestyle, exercised regularly, and adopted a nutritious diet to enhance my overall well-being and fitness.


You can hopefully improve your chances of getting a recommendation from the Services Selection Board (SSB) by practicing these questions and answers.


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