SSB Psychological Tests Preparation Tips

How to prepare for the psychology test in SSB Interview


SSB Interview of many entries has already started and interview dates of other entries are also about to be started. It is the very right time for candidates to start their preparation for SSB Interview. But, SSB Interview is not like any other interview which will require academic knowledge. SSB Interview is more like a behavioral assessment test that assesses your personality. SSB Interview comprises various types of tasks which can be hardly performed without professional guidance. Psychology Tests of SSB Interviews are among those tasks. Psychology Tasks are those tasks that assess your personality, so it becomes very important to perform well in these tests because SSB Interview is largely based on the assessment of your personality. So, considering the importance of SSB Psychological Tests, we are going to provide you with the SSB Psychological Test Preparation Tips. These tips will greatly help you in preparation for SSB Psychology Tests.


SSB Psychology Tests


SSB Psychology Tests are conducted on the second day of the five-day SSB Interview. A total of four tests are conducted as a part of the SSB Psychology Tests. These psychology tests are- 1. TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) 2. WAT (Word Association Test), 4. SRT (Situation Reaction Tests) and 4. Self Description. psychological tests to assess the suitability of candidates for a career in the armed forces. These tests are designed to evaluate the psychological attributes and personality traits of candidates.


Types of SSB Psychology Tests in SSB Interview


There are four types of psychological tests that are conducted as part of five days of the SSB Interview. Those four psychology tests are the following as-


TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)


TAT or Thematic Apperception Test is the first test that is conducted by SSB Psychology Tests. In TAT, candidates are shown a series of hazy or blurred pictures, and candidates have to create a story based on each picture. Candidates get 30 seconds to assess the picture and 4 minutes to write down the story. The purpose of this test is to assess the candidate’s imagination, logical reasoning, and psychological characteristics.


WAT (Word Association Test)


WAT or Word Association Test is the second test which is conducted as part of SSB Psychology Tests which are conducted in the five days of the SSB Interview. In this test, Candidates are shown 60 words one by one for 15 seconds, and candidates have to write a meaningful sentence on those 60 words. Word Association Test helps evaluate a candidate’s thought processes, emotional responses, and personality traits. wat-writing

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)


The situation Reaction Test is the third test which is conducted as part of five days of the SSB Interview process. In a situation reaction test, Candidates are given a booklet containing 60 hypothetical problems/situations. Candidates have to write their first response/solution which comes in the mind of candidates. The purpose of this test is to assess the candidate’s decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, and attitudes towards various situations.


Self Description Test


Self Description is the fourth and the last psychology test which is conducted as a part of psychology tests in five days of the SSB selection process. In these tests, Candidates have to answer certain questions. These questions are about the candidates themselves. In this test, candidates have to answer their friends, family, teachers, and colleagues. The purpose of this test is to evaluate a candidate’s level of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-perception.


Tips for SSB Psychological Tips


SSB Psychology Tests are not ordinary tests that you can do easily. These tests require mind makeup and thorough practice. Only through these tests, psychologists will assess the thinking, thought process, and decision-making of candidates. So, It is very important to perform well in these tests. Here, we are going to provide some tips which will definitely help you in performing well in the SSB Psychology Tests.


Try to maintain originality


Candidates should understand that SSB Psychology Tests are conducted to assess their personality. Any fake presentation will not help you in any way. That’s why it’s very important to be genuine and authentic. Avoid trying to portray someone you are not, as the assessors are skilled at identifying inconsistencies.


Practice for Psychology Tests


It is not possible to excel in psychology tests without proper practice. By solving many practice sets of psychology tests, candidates will be able to familiarize themselves with the Psychology Tests in a very good manner. Proper practice will help you in developing some of the key qualities which are required for the SSB Interview such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making, emotional stability, integrity, and adaptability.


Maintain Positive Mindset


It is very important to maintain a positive mindset for psychology tests in the SSB Interview. Because, there will be many negative TAT, WAT, and SRTs, so if you do not have a positive mindset, you will not be able to write positive responses for those TAT, WAT, and SRTs.  It is very important to approach the tests with a positive attitude and confidence in your abilities. Believe in yourself and your potential to succeed. Maintain a calm and composed demeanor, even in challenging situations. Remember that the assessors are not looking for perfection but rather your overall potential as an officer.


Do not write pre-prepared responses


If you write pre-prepared responses in the SSB Psychology Tests, your originality will be lost. So, It will be better if candidates write original ideas which come to mind after perceiving a picture, word, situation, or question. Writing original responses will help psychologists in evaluating your personality also.


How to prepare for SSB Psychology Tests?


Centurion Defence Academy provides guidance of psychology tests under Sir Shishir Dixit who is Chief SSB Mentor at Centurion Defence Academy and a well-known psychologist. His unique approach toward the psychology tests like PP&DT, TAT, WAT, and SRT has benefited thousands of students. Centurion Defence Academy provides its SSB mentorship under its highly experienced mentors who are retired GTO officers and Interviewing Officers. These Mentors have selected and rejected thousands of aspirants that’s why they know what exactly it takes to qualify for an SSB Interview.

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