How to Develop Officer Like Qualities for SSB Interview

The presence of officer like qualities (OLQs) is observed at every stage of the SSB Interview over the course of 5 days. Defence aspirants preparing to be an officer in the Indian Armed Forces [...]

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How to Answer the Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions

In this article, we will cover all the important points that SSB aspirants must know regarding how to answer the rapid-fire SSB interview questions. One of the most significant aspects of the S [...]

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10 Questions Only SSB Recommended Candidates Will Face

The Service Selection Board (SSB) interview is a crucial step for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force). Only a select few are recommended by the board, ma [...]

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SSB Interview Questions and Answers 2023

In the realm of defence exams, the SSB interview is considered a significant milestone in the pursuit of a career in the Indian Armed Forces. The SSB interview is a rigorous and comprehensive s [...]

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CDS-2 2023 Model Question Paper with Answer Key

CDS English, GS, and Maths Sample Question Paper for CDS-2 2023 There is a quote in English that says “The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a practice only”. It is very tru [...]

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Most Important GD Topics for SSB Interview 2023

As a defence aspirant preparing for the SSB Interview 2023, you must be well-equipped to discuss various important topics that may arise during group discussions. These topics are carefully cur [...]

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NDA-2 2023 Model Question Paper with Answer Key

NDA-2 2023 is scheduled to take place on 3rd September 2023. As NDA is a national-level defence exam, it is a highly competitive exam. Most of the aspirants must have already completed and were [...]

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Discover the Best CDS Online Mock Test Platforms

Vince Lombardi, once, said, “Practice does not make you perfect. Only the perfect practice makes you perfect”. This quote accurately applies on defence exams like CDS exam as well. Withou [...]

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Enroll in the Best Online Coaching for CDS Exam Preparation

CDS or Combined Defence Services Exam is a national-level defence services exam conducted by Union Public Service twice a year. This defence exam is a graduate-level exam conducted to recruit o [...]

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Which is the best App for NDA & CDS Mock Test?

This is an age of internet and the internet has become an essential part of our lives. Education is no exception to this. Nowadays, there are several applications available on the play store th [...]

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