How to Develop Officer Like Qualities for SSB Interview

The presence of officer like qualities (OLQs) is observed at every stage of the SSB Interview over the course of 5 days. Defence aspirants preparing to be an officer in the Indian Armed Forces often struggle with how to develop officer-like qualities (OLQs) for SSB interviews. So, in this article, Centurion Defence Academy will guide you in detail on how you can develop those officer-like qualities and prove your worthiness to get a recommendation from the Services Selection Board (SSB).


Before we start discussing in detail about how to develop officer-like qualities for SSB Interview, let us first look at the three crucial questions given below.


1. What are officer-like qualities in SSB Interviews?

2. Why are officer-like qualities necessary in defence aspirants?

3. Why should I focus on developing officer-like qualities?


Now, once we get answers to the above questions, we can easily grasp a better understanding of officer-like qualities. Having such conceptual clarity is an added advantage in developing OLQs required for SSB Interviews. So, let us dive deep and take an overview of the answers to all three questions.


What are officer-like qualities in SSB Interviews?


In a nutshell, officer-like qualities in SSB interview are nothing but your overall personality. In simple terms, officer-like qualities are the values, the attributes, the features, the characteristics you have. With regard to defence forces, and specifically SSB interview, there are a total of 15 well-defined qualities that the Psychologist, the GTO and the Interviewing Officer (IO) observe very closely throughout the interview process. It is based on certain parameters like how well you plan and organize the given tasks, how effective your social adjustment is and how dynamic your personality is.


Since you are an SSB aspirant, you must have these qualities as your performance will be judged based on how you exhibit each of these officer-like qualities. You do not need to demonstrate your qualities in a way to make officers notice you, it is something which can easily be inferred from your activities and performance. Below is the list of 15 officer-like qualities. 


1. Effective Intelligence

2. Reasoning Ability

3. Organizing Ability

4. Power of Expression

5. Social Adaptability

6. Cooperation

7. Sense of Responsibility

8. Initiative

9. Self-confidence

10. Speed of Decision

11. Ability to Influence the Group

12. Liveliness

13. Determination

14. Courage

15. Stamina


Why are officer-like qualities necessary in defence aspirants?


There are various factors that justify the necessity of officer-like qualities in defence aspirants. As we discussed earlier, officer-like qualities (OLQs) are immensely crucial in defence aspirants as it is these qualities which help in the actual demonstration of their dynamic personality, social adjustment and the ability to plan and organize the given tasks. Unless you develop officer-like qualities in your personality, you will not be considered a suitable officer for the Indian Armed Forces. Therefore, it is imperative to have officer-like qualities in defence aspirants appearing for the SSB interview


Sir Shishir Dixit, the Chief SSB Mentor (Psychology) and the Founder-Director of Centurion Defence Academy has highlighted the importance of officer-like qualities in many of his interviews. He mentors defence aspirants to pay attention to the integration of Manasa (Mind), Vacha (Speech) and Karmana (Actions) in order to excel in the SSB Interview. Shishir Sir also emphasizes on the development of military leadership in defence aspirants because he considers military leadership as an essence of all the 15 officer-like qualities. Whether it is organizing ability, social adaptability, cooperation, sense of responsibility or the ability to influence the group, military leadership includes everything. Hence, it is unequivocally important to have officer-like qualities in defence aspirants.


Why should I focus on developing officer-like qualities?


The answer to this question is as simple as the question itself. It is obvious why you should focus on developing officer-like qualities, this is because you want to be an officer and as an officer, you will have to perform numerous duties and responsibilities. The lifestyle of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces is highly challenging and adventurous, requiring a dedicated approach with a high level of mental and physical fitness. As an officer, you carry a heavy responsibility as you have to take care of not only your life but also the lives of your subordinates.


The officers of the Indian Armed Forces not only work in the service of the Government of India but in association with global bodies too such as the United Nations for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. I think now that we’ve explained enough, you can understand exactly why you should focus on developing officer-like qualities. You should also have excellent leadership and teamwork skills along with the ability to work calmly in high-pressure situations. All this can be made possible with the inculcation and development of officer-like qualities.


Tips to develop officer-like qualities for SSB Interviews:


American polymath and philosopher, Benjamin Franklin, once said,

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

This famous statement by Benjamin Franklin holds significant relevance with regard to developing officer-like qualities for SSB interviews. 


The meaning of the given statement by Benjamin Franklin is that active involvement in learning is more effective than just being told or taught something passively. In simple terms, as a defence aspirant, when you are engaged in the learning process, you are more likely to retain practical knowledge and gain a deeper understanding. Let us explore how you can do so.


Interactive Learning: You should actively participate in group discussions, practical exercises, and problem-solving tasks to develop your leadership, communication, and decision-making abilities.


Hands-on Experience: Mere theoretical knowledge isn’t enough; you must focus on the practical application of your knowledge as engaging in real-life scenarios allows you to evaluate your adaptability and quick thinking.


Leadership Development: Involving yourself in team activities will allow you to showcase your leadership potential and the ability to inspire and motivate others.


Building Confidence: The more involved you are in various tasks, the more confident you become in your abilities. Confidence is an essential trait for an officer, as it inspires trust and respect among subordinates.


Apart from the ones discussed above, there are also some officer-like qualities which you need to work extensively on your part. For instance, if we consider cooperation, this is something which you will develop by cooperating with others or by helping others. Similarly, there is another quality which is about stamina, so, this is something which you will develop by following a balanced diet and engaging yourself in regular exercises and meditation, etc.

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