NDA Mathematics Scoring Chapters

NDA-2 2023 Exam is scheduled to be conducted on 3rd September and Most of the Aspirants have already started preparing for NDA Exam. But during this preparation journey, most of the aspirants feel the big problem i.e. vast syllabus of the NDA exam. It is very difficult to complete such a vast syllabus. Mathematics is a highly scoring yet very difficult area in the NDA Exam. Mathematics includes various topics which are repeated in every NDA Exam. If Candidates prepare these chapters, they will have higher chances of selection in the NDA exam. This article attempts to inform NDA aspirants about the NDA mathematics scoring chapters. These chapters are the most scoring because questions have been repeatedly asked from these chapters in the last NDA exams.


NDA Exam


The NDA exam is known to be one of the toughest exams in India. Every year thousands of candidates fill out forms for the NDA written exam and only a few become the lucky ones who actually clear this exam. This exam is conducted by the Union Public Service of India twice a year and any 12th-passed or appearing candidate can apply for this exam. This exam is conducted in two stages, in the first stage a written exam is conducted which comprises two papers. The first paper in the NDA exam is mathematics and the other paper is GAT (general ability test). The next stage in this exam is the SSB Interview. SSB Interview is a selection process of five days which includes many tests such as PPDT, TAT, WAT SRT, GTO, and Personal Interview.


NDA Mathematics Scoring Chapters


NDA Mathematics Scoring Chapters
NDA Maths TopicImportant ChaptersNo. of Questions Asked in Each NDA Exam
CalculusFunctions20-25  Questions
Applications of Derivatives
Indefinite Integrals
AlgebraQuadratic Equations25-30 Questions
Complex Numbers
Permutations and Combinations
TrigonometryRatios and Identities25-30 Questions
2D and 3D MensurationStraight Lines10-15 Questions
Statistics, Binary, and ProbabilityStatistics20-30 Questions


NDA Mathematics Scoring Chapters
NDA Maths TopicDetails

●    Algebra holds great importance in the NDA math paper as it is highly scoring. A substantial number of questions, ranging from 20 to 25, are dedicated to this area.


●    Specifically, the paper includes 4 questions on quadratic equations, 4 questions on complex numbers, 4 questions on matrices, 4 questions on determinants, and 3 questions on permutation and combination.


●    To excel in this section, it is crucial to focus on these topics, grasp their key concepts, and practice solving problems from previous papers.

Algebra●    Calculus holds equal significance in the NDA exam, and it is important to prepare for its main chapters.


●    These chapters include functions, application of derivatives, and indefinite integrals.


●     The exam typically consists of 6 questions on functions, 6 questions on the application of derivatives, and 3 questions on indefinite integrals.


●    To excel in calculus, it is crucial to understand the concepts related to these chapters and practice solving a variety of problems.


●    This will help in developing a strong foundation in calculus and increase the chances of scoring well in the NDA exam

Trigonometry●    In trigonometry, ratios and identities are two crucial chapters in the NDA exam.


●    These chapters carry significant weightage, with at least 10 questions being asked from this section.


●     It is essential to thoroughly understand the concepts, formulas, and properties related to ratios and identities to perform well in the exam.

2D and 3D Mensuration●    In 2D and 3D mensuration, the chapters on straight lines and 3D mensuration hold high importance in the NDA maths syllabus.


●    These chapters are considered to be the most scoring ones. Approximately 5 questions are asked from the straight-line chapter, while 4 questions are asked from the 3D mensuration chapter.


●    It is crucial to understand the concepts, formulas, and properties related to these topics to excel in this section of the NDA exam. Practicing a variety of problems from these chapters will enhance your performance.

Statistics, Binary, and Probability●    Statistics, Binary, and Probability are also the scoring part in the NDA mathematics paper.


●    In this part, approximately 8 questions are asked from the statistics part and approximately 9 questions are asked from the probability part.


●    Candidates can score higher marks in this part by continuous practice as it is not a very complex chapter.


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