Most Expected Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview in 2023

Latest Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2023


Lecturette is a very important part of the SSB Interview. Lecturette is the only task when you will be communicating your ideas and thoughts to people all alone. So, It is very important to convey them properly. Many candidates get often confused about how they should approach, whether they should focus more on communication or information. Often it is seen among candidates that they tend to choose the easiest Lecturrette topics. It is not wrong to do so, but if candidates choose tougher topics and speak good information about the topic, then GTO will be more impressed and give you higher marks. This article has been written to fulfill such a requirement only. This blog attempts to make you aware about the latest topics for SSB Interviews which you can get as your lecturette topics.


Lecturrette in SSB Interview


Lecturette Test is an outdoor task conducted as a part of GTO tests which are conducted in the SSB Interview. In Lecturette Test, GTO Officer calls every candidate in order of their chest number to deliver a lecture on a particular topic. Before delivering the lecture, GTO will offer you four topics which will be written on cards. You will have to choose 1 topic out of those four topics. You will get 3 minutes to sneak on that topic and 2.5 minutes to deliver your lecturette. You will get 30 seconds to conclude your topic.


Most Expected Lecturette Topics
1. Khalistan Issue
2. Ethnic Clashes in Manipur
3. AFSPA- Pros and Cons
4. 5G Technology- A new ray of hope
5. Electric Vehicles and Green Mobility
6. Corruption in Media Sector
7. Right to Privacy in 21st Century
8. Russia-Ukraine Conflict
9. Fishermen and Marine Boundary Issue with Sri Lanka
10. ASEAN and engagement with India
11. Climate Smart Agriculture
12. Economic Development Vs Environmental Issues
13. Organic Farming
14. Swarm Drone Technology
15. Sixth Generation Fighter Aircrafts
16. Measurement of Poverty
17. Online Gaming and Effect of Indian Youth
18. Atmanirbhar Bharat and 5 Trillion Economy
19. How to double the income of Farmers?
20. Disaster Management Preparedness in India
21. Naxalism-The biggest security issue in India
22. Insurgencies in North-East India
23. Linkages between organized crime and Terrorism
24. Religious Tourism in India-Growth and Opportunities
25. Eco-Friendly Development in India
26. Blockchain Technology and Future Application in India
27. Why suicide rate is so high among youth in India?
28. Use of Social Media and Its Impact on Indian Society
29. Use of A.I. in Defence Sector
30. Importance of Hobbies in Our Life


Tips for performing well in Lecturette 

Candidates should be aware that Lecturrette is one of the most important tasks in the SSB Interview. So, We are going to share some tips with you which will be very very helpful for Lecturrette.


Understand the Topic


Listen carefully to the given topic and ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is being asked. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before starting.


Structure your Presentation


Organize your thoughts in a logical and coherent manner. Begin with an introduction, present your main points or arguments, and conclude with a summary or a call to action.


Keep Your Lecturette Short and Concise


Remember that the lecturette is usually meant to be a short presentation, typically lasting for around 2.5 minutes. Focus on the key aspects of the topic and avoid unnecessary elaboration.


Express your Thoughts Clearly


Speak confidently and articulate your ideas clearly. Do not speak too fast or too slow, and use appropriate body language and gestures to enhance your presentation.


Use Examples to justify your point


Support your arguments or viewpoints with relevant examples or illustrations. This shows your ability to think analytically and apply your knowledge to practical situations.


Do not speak in a one-sided manner


While presenting your views, strive to maintain a balanced approach. Acknowledge different perspectives and present a well-rounded understanding of the topic.


Do Mirror Practice


Enhance your presentation skills by practicing Lecturrette in front of a mirror. Engage in regular reading, develop a broad knowledge base, and stay updated on current affairs to be better prepared for any topic that may be given.


How to prepare for Lecturrette?


Centurion Defence Academy is the best institute to prepare for SSB interviews. Centurion Defence Academy has the best team of ex-defence officers who have been part of the selection process. These officers guide candidates in the best way possible. Centurion Defence Academy prepares candidates for Lecturrette in the best way possible. Centurion Defence Academy provides sessions for English communication also which will be helpful in the delivery of the lecturette. Centurion Defence Academy keeps students updated on national and international scenarios which helps candidates in preparation of information for lecturette.

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